10 Stylish & Strange Tents and Pavilions For Outdoor Living

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A tent or pavilion allows you to set of an oasis of shade that gives the comfort of home anywhere you put it down. Look for color that complements your home and natural scenery and pick a spot that allows your guests to enjoy the view best. Follow those simple rules and you’ve still got plenty of options.


1. Ultra-Modern Pavilion

This beautiful transparent pavilion gives the scene an almost surrealistic look with a roof that seems to float on air. The glass gives it almost a shimmering, magical effect.

2. Eastern Style

Here we have a pavilion fit for an Eastern potentate to show off his treasures for whichever guests may arrive via the ornate carpets. A little bit of black translucent netting over a simple wood lattice frame is enough to pull off this incredible scene.

3. Welcome to the Imaginarium

Wood paneling, sliding doors and basic stacked construction were used to create this outdoor space that can serve as a living room, study, game room or party nexus. Naturally, how you decorate the entrance is entirely up to your own taste.

4. Is it a house? A shed? No, it’s a pavilion!

Mixing different styles of architecture into a single structure, this design tries to offer the best of both indoor and outdoor worlds. Incorporating a fireplace and recreation room, just steps from the pool, this could be the ultimate summertime hangout.

5. See-Through Views

This simple lattice-roofed pavilion is more about providing a meeting place than protection from the sun. It’s a perfect contrast to the lawn and waterfront. Relatively easy to construct, the frame would belong in an English seaside resort… or your back yard.

6. Tree Tents

These whimsical back yard tents let you enjoy the experience of outdoor camping just yards from your living room. 

7. A Tent for a Special Event

This tent is going to take a bit more work, since you’ve actually got to build the foundation, central pole and two sets of stairs. But once it’s up, you’ve got a tent in the summer and a beautiful square for the cooler months.

8. Summertime and the living is easy

Who says putting up a tent is hard? This one could probably take about five minutes to set up. Maybe less. Give it a try, then take a snooze in the shade.

9. The Time Machine Tent

“What year is this?” Get inside this cute little enclosure that seems modeled off retro-science fiction time-machines and escape pods. All the comfort you could ask for in egg-shaped coolness.

10. Tent Hammock

The tent-hammock, or “thammock” to no one in particular, combines the snuggly insularity of a tent with the altitude-defying, sleep-inducing qualities of the hammock. Just make sure those cords are fastened tightly!


Do you have a pavilion or tent at home? Seen one that you thought was just perfect for your back yard or a special occasion? Let us know. Leave a comment.

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