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10 Ultimate Man-Caves

They say every man’s home is his castle. But, we say that inside every man’s castle, there must also be a man-cave; a domicile within a domicile to reflect the personality, and the passions, of the man who dwells there . Here are 10 ultimate man-caves to crack a beer, watch the game, and generally just be a guy in, no matter which type of guy you happen to be.


1. The Major League Man Constructing the Ultimate Man Cave is always a bit easier when you have the funding of a major television station behind you; however, this MLB man cave is deserving of the ranking regardless. Complete with a hydraulically retractable pool table, flat screen TV and a themed tribute to the home team, this man cave has the owners saying, “Our man cave is better than Snoops.”

2. The Hunter’s Hole Proving that the world “don’t move to the beat of just one drum,” Jeff Smith’s man cave is certainly unique. Resembling a redneck dumpsite, his refuge is adorned with animal skins, carcasses, team hats and trinkets galore. While most man caves are somewhat tolerable for the female counterpart, this one is for the manly man only. The Hunter's Hole Man Cave 3. The Nascar Nest Your grandma collected butter plates but the man behind the Butterfield man cave has Nascar on the brain. Though it’s equipped with the standard plush couches, flat screen TV and Budweiser-stocked wet bar, those amenities are clearly second to the automobile collectibles. The Nascar Nest Man Cave 4. The Boston Bar Bringing your favorite sports bar to you is every man’s dream – unbeatable atmosphere with home court prices. The guys at the DIY Man Cave’s put together another all star room for the ultimate Boston sports fan. Complete with booth seating, kegerator, heavy bag and neon signs, there isn’t a Boston fan alive that wouldn’t feel right at home.

5. The Beer Barn Walking in to this impressive cave is like walking in to Any Bar USA. From wall-to-wall, it’s easy to feel like you’re at your local haunt as this basement is slathered with beer endorsements; neon signs, dartboards, banners and plenty of other brewer’s merchandise. bThe Beer Barn Man Cave 6. The Harley Haven As illustrated by this first installment of Harley Havens, the biker way isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle and this Harley Davidson advocate is deep in the mix with the construction of his new man cave. Rocking a custom garage door and ramp, bike spinner, reclining electric couch, flat screen, tool chest, refrigerator and rustic wood floors, this biker can get down and dirty with his true love.

7. The Digital Den Taking a bit more of the sophisticated approach to the everyday man cave, Scott Pope’s dwelling is more of a tech den. Used as a home office, studio and entertainment area, his man cave is all about digital goodies and media – the record collection alone is reason enough to never leave the comforts of the cave. The Digital Den Man Cave 8. The Vikings Venue Leave it to the ultimate sports fan to create a personalized venue that is optimized for home team support. Ted Ferreira has created a man cave that is a worthy tribute to the Minnesota Vikings and a showroom for their franchise swag – the highlight being the purple velvet pool table. The Viking Venue Man Cave 9. The Harley Homage As mentioned before, the Harley Davidson lovers of the world are a strange breed; born and bred Harley fans. This Harley homage is no exception. Built as a monument to the biker brand and offering hints of the Seattle Seahawks, this man cave is all about metal, flames and bikes. The Harley (Davidson) Home Man Cave 10. The Artillery Area Though this man cave is a bit more unorthodox (void of plush couches, flat screen TVs, beer signs and sports memorabilia), it is certainly a man’s layer. From wall-to-wall, this war memorial and artillery stockpile reeks of a man’s passion for destruction and mayhem and a respect for machinery, craft and history. The Artillery Area Man Cave

Rob Jones

Rob served as Editor-In-Chief of BuildDirect Blog: Life At Home from 2007-2016. He is a writer, Dad, content strategist, and music fan.


  1. This is great! Don’t let my husband see it. His man cave has more of a rock and roll theme. But the front half has been taken over by our daughter’s trains, rokenbok and matchbox cars. Think any of those Matchbox cars are over 30 years old and my husband’s? Yeah, you would be right!

  2. Hey Catherine,
    Were I to have a man-cave, mine might also be a rock n roll theme, with a bit of noirish jazz thrown in. As a matter of fact, since I live on my own, I should really see about bring that to fruition!

    Thanks for comments!

  3. Hello everyone! My cave is #3 on your list, thanks very much for recognizing it. I only wish I would have known about this Blog before I wrote about my Cave on my Blog, otherwise I would have given you guys a shout out. Please stop by and visit “The Earnhardt Room” @ where I write details about the room and more pics including construction/remodel.

    Thanks again

    Robert Butterfield

  4. Hey Rob!

    Done, I went back in and added it…. if you go back and re-peek, I put this link on top of the other 4.

  5. karen taylor Reply to karen

    I just want to enter to win a Mancave for my husband!

  6. I think the thing that makes a man cave the best is that it has “male” specific things in it. Like playboys and the movie “300” and toilets with super flushing capabilities. And no girly colors..and lots of leather and booze! I love all the ideas!

    Antique Jewelry

  7. Neil Rideout Reply to Neil

    I like my Man Cave take a look at the video.


  8. What are your thoughts on mixing different brands and they’re merchandise? I think the differences can tie a man cave together. I am currently working on a 1966 Batmobile replicar for the ultimate bat cave man cave.

  9. These man cave’s are all inspiring. A great countdown of some of the best examples of doing one and doing one well. Please take a look at for ideas of the kind of things ideal for a man cave.

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