10 Wackiest & Coolest Swimming Pool Designs In the World

Somewhere along the way architects and designers decided that simply putting a swimming pool in a backyard wasn’t luxurious enough and thus initiated the transition from pool function into pool fashion. Below is gallery of some of the most interesting pool designs that we could find – some wacky and some just plain cool.


1. The Bed Moat

Bringing a new meaning to your morning swim, this bizarre configuration can only be described as a bed moat – yes, a moat around your bed. While it may look really snazzy at first, unless you’re Michael Phelps (or hyper fearful of attacks while you sleep), it’s hard to imagine why you would want your bed so close to your pool.

Bed surrounded by a pool

2. Dual Coastline

This is one of the coolest pool designs we’ve seen because of the versatility it provides – whether you want to wade in the open ocean or soak in a climate controlled swimming pool, either way you get to enjoy the unparalleled perks of a natural beach.

Coastal swimming pool

3. A Sunken City

While most of the pools on this list make their mark because of their odd shapes and configurations, this one is more about what lies beneath – an entire city immersed in water and left to be explored.

Underwater city swimming pool

4. Futurama

As much as we cannot possible know what the world will look like in the future, we imagine it will be something close to this hotel pool from Hong Kong. Reminiscent of something from a geeky sci-fi movie, this is one bizarre looking pool from the future.


5. The Cliff Hanger

Marking one of the more contemporary pool designs on the list, this hotel rooftop pool in Dallas, TX is a bit of an optical illusion. Making you feel like you’re dangling over the edge of cliff, this particular pool is not for those that are fearful of heights.

rooftop swimming pool

6. Built to Float

At first glance, this pool doesn’t seem like anything to write home about; however, give it another look – you’ll find that it’s a floating pool – a pool floating inside another pool. Although we can’t speak firsthand to the extent of the floating sensation, it’s certainly a novel idea worth mentioning here.

7. For the Love of Music

For the music lover in us all, this acoustic-guitar-shaped swimming pool is something you might find at Jimmy Buffet’s house – a true shrine to the beautiful marriage of music and leisure.

8. Where the Sidewalk Ends

This pool may not fall into the wacky category but it’s absolutely unique enough to make this list of bizarre swimming pools. Of course, we’ve seen infinity pools before but rarely is the illusion acted out on multiple sides –feels like the edge of the world!

9. Under the Sea

Designed to emulate the habitat of the ocean floor, this man-made body of water is more or an aquarium for human fish than a pool. Go ahead, we challenge you to take a dip and not sing the “Under the Sea” song from The Little Mermaid. Good luck!


10. More than Meets the Eye

Okay, this Japanese art installation isn’t even really a pool – nothing functional anyway – however it’s a pretty wacky design that we wanted to highlight nonetheless. Check out this video below and see if your eyes can figure out what exactly is going on!?



Like a lot of elements in a home’s design, the swimming pool can be both an expression of personality as well as one of practicality. Even if your own swimming pool isn’t quite as ostentatious, we hope you’re having fun around and in yours this summer!



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