10 Ways To Keep Cool In the Summer Heat

child staying cool in summer

Getting too hot in the summertime is no joke! It causes you to feel sick, weak and can lead to heat stroke. Take these steps to stay cool in the hot weather.


Here on the west coast the summer heat has settled in and there is no end in sight! No one is safe from the effects of heat but pets, children and the elderly are especially vulnerable so please make sure to watch out for them through heat waves. Here are some ways to help everyone stay cool:

1. Fans and AC

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – if you have AC turn it on and sit back and relax. Fans will help as well. To mimic AC and get some temporary relief pour ice into a shallow pan and place it in front of your fan.

2. Drink water

This one is simple too – keep hydrated! Drink water frequently throughout the day. Remember once you’re feeling thirsty it’s a sign your body is already a little dehydrated. Alcohol and caffeine contribute to dehydration so choose straight or naturally flavored waters instead, or at least alternate between the two.

3. Change your bedding

Cotton sheets are best for keeping you cool in the summertime, put your other sheets away until fall. Choose a feather pillow as these don’t retain heat as much as other types.

As nice as it is to cuddle with your partner you may want to consider sleeping alone during heat waves. Extra body heat raises your temperature which can make for a rough night sleep.

4. Avoid peak sun hours

If you are an outdoor exerciser or if you have a choice when to go out and run your errands, early mornings or evenings which tend to be a bit cooler are your best bet. If you have no choice just take it a little slower than usual so you don’t overexert yourself.

5. Pick clothing appropriate for the heat

No, this doesn’t mean leaving the house in a bikini! Of course if you’re headed to the beach it’s not a bad choice but what I really mean is wearing all black, long sleeved clothing will bottle in the heat and make you feel hot faster and longer. Light colored, loose flowing clothes in a breathable material like cotton are excellent choices.

summer clothes spread out

6. Turn off all appliances and lights whenever possible

Appliances draw energy and light bulbs can emit some heat making your home – and you – hotter. If possible, do your laundry and run your dishwasher in the evenings once it cools down a bit.

Choose to serve your family foods that don’t require using your stove such as raw vegetables, sandwiches or salads.

7. Keep your curtains and blinds closed

Having the sun shine through your windows may feel nice but it causes your home to heat up – fast! The heat gets bottled in and your house will stay hot and humid for hours. Cover all windows sun naturally shines in to prevent this.

8. Choose water activities

If you normally run for exercise try switching to swimming during the hottest days. Even if you don’t typically exercise playing in the water during a heat wave really feels good – and burns off some extra energy your kids may have!

9. Ice packs

If you are truly having trouble getting your temperature down placing ice packs on your pulse points – wrists in particular – will help to draw the heat away and cool your body down fairly fast. Running your wrists under cold water also helps temporarily.

10. Wear your sunscreen

This one is extremely important! Not only is getting a sunburn dangerous and painful but if you’ve ever had one you know how hot it makes your body feel. Slather sunscreen on all exposed areas at least 15 minutes before going out at any time of day.

Following these simple tips will help you and your family to enjoy the summer.

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