10 Welcome Mats For The Eccentric

The welcome mat at the front step of your home is a great chance to make a lasting first impression, unfortunately, most default to the mundane. Well, in an effort to celebrate diversity, we’ve compiled a gallery of the coolest welcome mats and give a cheers to the unique individuals that rock ‘em proud.

An “Open Door Policy” Mat

To begin the list with light-hearted hilarity, here is a pretty cool welcome mat that says what we’re all thinking. While it appears to be a warm and welcoming greeting at first, it’s pretty clear that one should never show up to this party empty handed.

The Tongue-in-Cheek Mat

Continuing the front-door sarcasm, here is another welcome mat that would make anyone who grew up in a humorous household feel right at home. Yes, even though it blatantly says, Hiding till you go away!, it manages to portray a comfortable and homey vibe … and we think that’s pretty cool.

A Mixed Medium Mat

While the rest of these mats stand on the safer side of the definition, check out this more natural approach that mixes mat mediums! Between the patches of organic ground cover plants, rocks, stones and more traditional manufactured rubber mats, this home has created a very cool collage of mats.

A Concrete Mat

Continuing with the “less than traditional” form of mats, this entry is pretty cool because it’s not even a mat. Yes, it gives the appearance of a mat and communicates a welcoming greeting, however, you can rest assured knowing that no one will ever trip over this simple concrete imprint!

A Dual-Purpose Mat

Killing two birds with one stone, here is a mat that communicates a welcome greeting and a goodbye salutation all in one, so that you can put multi-tasking to rest. Now, depending if your guest is coming or going, your mat can do all of the talking for you. Phew!

The Love Shack Mat

OK, it’s a bit cheesy and while we’ll admit that it’s a bit more playful than it is stylish, we appreciate that this novelty welcome mat makes no attempt to hide the fact that Honeymooners Live Here. In fact, it might as well say, If this house is a rockin, don’t bother knockin!

The iMat

Does this look familiar? For all of you tech geeks that don’t have enough time to look up from your hand-held device long enough to give a proper welcome, this iPhone homage mat must hit extra close to home.

A Binary Mat

Speaking of tech geeks, this welcome mat is either way over your head or the nerd-in-you definition of cool. Although we’re not exactly sure what this binary language is coded to say, we’ll trust that it says Welcome.

The Metal Mat

Now that we’ve seen mats made of various fabrics, weaves, plants, concrete and rocks, it’s only fitting that we highlight your metallic alternatives. Although the aesthetic appeal is endless and these metal mats can look really cool, beware … you’d never want to walk out barefoot and catch your toe on one of these. Ouch!

The Home Plate Mat

Because we’ve featured a couple of mats for the tech geeks of the world, it’s about time we introduce a sports themed welcome mat, for the more athletically oriented. Whether you’re a fan of America’s favorite pastime or not, what more appropriate way to say welcome to my home than home plate itself?


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of coolest welcome mats. Whether they’re funny, nerdy or just plain bizarre, we can all appreciate that they’re simply unique.

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