14 Ideas for Your Home Library

home library ideas

Did you know that February is #NationalLibraryLoversMonth? To mark the occasion we’re shining a (reading) light on how you can build or improve a library in your home.  So pour yourself a warm beverage, sit back, and consider some of these home library ideas.

Home Library Ideas

1. Simple Shelving

An ideal option if space is tight, shelves or ledge bookshelves give you an easy way to display books without taking up floor space. It’s a quirky way to display your favorite books and not worry about having bulky furniture in the way. Freestanding shelves are perfect if you like to switch up your book display every now and then, as opposed to built-ins, which are better for a more polished, finished look. For extra flair, you could construct a tree bookcase, with the branches acting like shelving.

2. Creative Bookcases

home library ideas

Depending on your book collection, you might find you have a problem with visual clutter. Where do you keep all your well-read tomes without making your space feel crowded? One solution is to get creative with your book storage. Whether it involves placing the books under a chair, in a window box, or on a funky bookshelf, make sure the storage says something about your style.

3. Small Areas

Use a hallway or alcove to house your hidden home library. Place slim bookcases in the space along with a high-back chair to make your small space comfy. Don’t forget the floor lamp to make sure you have enough lighting to peruse your favorite tome.

4. Murphy Doors

When you were a child, did you enjoy playing hide-and-seek? Did you look for the best hiding spot and hope no one would find you? You can create a library as a perfect hideaway spot with the help of a Murphy door. When you close the door, you have what looks like a bookshelf mounted on the wall. But once you open the door, your magical library awaits.

5. Wall Spaces

Make use of limited space and build a bookcase all the way up to the ceiling. If you are lacking space, think about framing a window or door. You could also place track lighting and a runner to finish off the space. Put a comfortable chair nearby, so when the mood strikes to pick up a book, you have a place to sit.

6. Natural Light

reading bench

Almost any kind of home library benefits from natural light. Plus, you save on electricity costs! Utilize windows by placing a bench seat underneath a window. Make sure the seat has comfortable cushions, fluffy throw pillows, and cozy blankets. Install a roller shade on the window to prevent the space from becoming too busy.

7. Tucked-Away Nook

There are many ways to turn the space underneath your stairs into a library. The size of your library depends upon the amount of space available. You might be able to accommodate only books on several shelves, while larger spaces might allow you to place an armchair and reading lamp.

8. Wooden Office

home library ideas

Do you ever notice that in movies, when wealthy people walk into their home office, there are books lining the oak-paneled walls? It’s as if a miniature library popped up within the office space. To copy this look, make sure your room features lots of wood, whether on the walls, floors, desk, or tables. Line the shelves neatly with your book collection, and make sure you have a chaise, high-back chair, or other plush seating available. Put a stylish table or floor lamp near the seating, and you’re reading for the high-class reading.

9. Bold Colors

On the flip side, don’t let the wooden color dictate your library space. Your library can become a place of bold, vibrant colors. Choose colors such as cherry red, turquoise, or bright yellow to highlight the space. Hang a chandelier from the ceiling and add patterned curtains and upholstered fabric to bring the room together.

10. Stylish Decor

You might already have a sense of style for the rest of your house, so you probably want your new library to mesh well with the décor. Adorn your modern library with gray armchairs alongside beautiful, floor-to-ceiling curved bookshelves. For contemporary spaces, place a beige sofa alongside built-in, dark-hued bookcases. Place fine antiques near bookcases and a fireplace to go with a Victorian feel.

11. Loft Library


If you’re lucky enough to have an entire loft space but don’t know what to do with it, consider converting it into a library. You can either line the walls with portable bookcases or have someone install wall-to-wall shelving. Place a bench beneath a window and let the natural sunlight cascade into the room.

12. Open Layout


With open floor plans, you have a wide range of decorating choices. It’s easy to combine living spaces if your dining room and living rooms mesh together. Why not consider adding floor-to-ceiling bookcases that run the entire length of the space as a home library idea? This provides a visual impact as well as a practical function while keeping your books nearby.

13. Stunning Space

When you watched “Beauty and the Beast,” were you jealous of the Beast’s massive library? If you have the space, consider dedicating an entire room to your book collection. You can implement floor-to-ceiling bookcases to house your precious tomes. Add French doors to the room, so your guests can peer into the space without disturbing it.

14. Two-Story Library

home library ideas

Maybe you have a high ceiling and want to highlight this space. As a home library idea, you can construct a two-story library and make this area a central gathering spot. Put some comfortable seating and ambient lighting so you can read comfortably. To reach those books high up on the shelf, you can install a rolling ladder, again, just like in “Beauty and the Beast.”

Read the Room

Whether you live in a small city apartment or large sprawling manor, there are many ideas when it comes to implementing a home library. These examples are just a few of the spaces you can choose for your residence. Let these be an inspiration for creating your own place to relax and forget about your worries while immersing yourself in the latest best-selling book.







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