15 Canadian Blogs to Inspire Your Interior Design

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We’re headquartered in Vancouver, so needless to say, we love our Canadian bloggers — particularly those dedicated to interior design. Although it’s hard to pinpoint, there is something about Canadian interior design bloggers. Perhaps it’s the fine attention to detail, or unique perspectives on transforming a room into something special. But whatever it is, all bloggers listed below have the special touch.

If you are having trouble getting started on a home project or room redecoration, look no further. These bloggers have some fabulous ideas to make your home (or office) stand out from the rest.

1. Hatch


From office to home, Hatch will help you put together the right design to fit your personality. For example, this post will help you figure out the right design based on your extroverted, or introverted, tendencies. You can find more at Hatch.

2. Parkdale Ave.


If you’re looking for an inspirational yet comfortable design, say, to make your guests feel right at home, you’ll find it here. But even if you don’t host very often, posts such as this one can help you design a room or home to help you relax at the end of the day. You can find more at Parkdale Ave.

3. AKA Design + Life

aka design

These modern themes and bright colors can lighten up any room in the house. Also, with posts like this, there are decoration and design ideas if you are renting a place with strict rules. You can find them at AKA Design.

4. Brooklyn Berry Designs

brooklyn berry

Simple yet elegant designs are the goal here. This post on “modern simplicity”can help you transform your furniture into a decoration treasure. You can find more at Brooklyn Berry Designs.

5. The Pink Chandelier

pink chandelier

This Calgary based blogger can help you find ways to design with a high-class style. This post on custom furniture can help you pick the right pieces to put together your room puzzle. You can find more at The Pink Chandelier.

6. Pure White Design

pure white design

Fill your house with national pride with these design schemes, and use posts like this to help you get the most functionality out of your design. You can find more at Pure White Design.

7. Avenue Design

avenue design

With ideas on making your room appear larger, or simply giving it a little personality, there is plenty of inspiration to be had from Saint-Laurent based blogger. As demonstrated by this post on carpet selection, they have ideas for every corner of your room covered. You can find more at Avenue Design.

8. Decor Happy

decor happy

From wallpaper to mosaic tiles and more, there are plenty of ideas to be had here to spruce up your room. This post on Goldreif cabinetry even gives you a bevy of inspiration to choose from when undertaking a kitchen design project. You can find more from Vanessa Francis at Decor Happy.

9. Escapade


If you’re looking for designs that think outside the box, there’s a plethora of inspiration here. This post on paint transformations will help you make your kitchen or living room space really pop. You can find more from at Escapade.

10. Nest Design Studio

nest design

Their “interior of the day” postings encourage you to think about the big picture. These offer visual inspiration for making your room stand out. You can find them at Nest Design Studio.

11. Love on Sunday

love on sunday

Here you’ll find designs to transform your home with the seasons. Even though it’s technically spring, it’s still cold in some parts of the country; but this post that previews spring can help you bring warm tidings into your home. You can find more from Amy at Love on Sunday.

12. Sara Russell

sara russell

Here you’ll find ways to brighten your space. This post on geometric lighting will show you creative ways to really light up the room. You can find more at Sara Russell.

13. Poppytalk


For the DIY designer, here there are inspirations for organization and artistic levity. This post about real living will help you bring a little cheer into your room. You can find more at Poppytalk.

14. The Bare Room

the bare room

As the title suggests, this page encourages you to start from scratch and design to fit your personality. This post on keeping things simple will help give you ideas about how to make your entire home flow well from one room to the next. You can find more at The Bare Room.

15. Setting for Four

setting for four

Sometimes you just need to hit “refresh”. The ideas here show that it’s amazing what a new design can do for a room. This post talks about where to start when deciding on how to design or decorate a room. You can find them at Setting for Four.

What Page Inspires You?

While these are fantastic Canadian interior design bloggers, by no means are they the only ones. If you’ve got any in mind (or would like to suggest your own), let us know in the comments!

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