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While most would consider the bathroom to be a space where function should supersede fashion, we respectfully disagree. In fact, we’ve decided to compile a gallery of some of the more outside-the-box bathroom fixtures – a loud group of odd toilets and bizarre bathroom fixtures like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

1. The Twizzler Tinkler

Reminiscent of a Twizzlers’ commercial from the 80s and 90s, this big-lipped cartoon of a urinal is kind of cool at first but probably a bit creepy while business is being handled.

2. All Business, All the Time

Speaking of business, this is a workaholics dream office – with all of the necessary technologies at your fingertips and all of the necessary amenities at your backside, there’s never a need to take a break!

3. No Eye Contact!

We can’t tell if this is PhotoShopped or not but regardless, any toilet that wants to make eye contact during #1 or rest willingly with its mouth wide open during #2 is an odd duck in our book. The most problematic aspect of this fixture? I think it’s probably the teeth …

4. Wall Flowers

Something is wrong here – these delicate little flowers are arguably too pretty to take the shape of a urinal in a men’s room, not to mention are too elegant for the watering they’re about to receive.

5. No Mistake About It

Because nobody likes to get to the bathrooms and be uncertain about which door to go in (because the establishment is being too creative with their labeling of the men and women), this door leaves nothing to the imagination. Although it’s our first non-toilet on the list, this bathroom fixture is certainly bizarre.

6. Starring Sponge Bob

This one makes a reapperance from our earlier “Disturbing furniture pieces” post. And it is well-deserved, on the disturbing front at least. This shot of course has an added bonus.  While we applaud the idea of putting a fish tank in place of a toilet tank, performance anxiety is inevitable when Sponge Bob Square Pants is staring up at you while you’re doing your thing.


7. Saintly Urinal

While this set of urinals was probably installed with the best of intentions, we’re still trying to decide if this is a nice shrine to sainthood or, more likely, grossly sacrilegious. Either way, this fixture provides another way for the pious to look down on you.

8. Gamer’s Delight

A true sign of the times, this ultimate man-cave of a bathroom is the stoner’s version of the workaholic’s throne above. With a flat screen TV, video console and toilet combo, you’ll never have to save and stop again!

9. Masked Shower Head

Giving new meaning to the term “shower head,” this bizarre gas masked figure is alarming and artistic all at once. No matter how you view it, at the end of the day, it’s not your average bathroom fixture.

10. Mr. Roboto

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! As if approaching a urinal with grasping robot arms isn’t odd enough, this poor man’s R2D2 looks like it has seen some better days. I shudder to think what the arms are actually for

11. Fixture Time Travel

Modern, retro and futurist all at the same time, this glowing tub and sink combo is certainly a unique pair and straight off the combined sets of Cribs, That 70s Show and The Jetsons.

12. Bizarro Faucet

There could be an entire separate post surrounding the many odd sink faucets out there, however, these next two that were worth a look. While 99.9% of faucets allow water to exit in a natural downward motion, this bizarro faucet forces the water upward and, as gravity runs its course, it arcs downward. Very pretty if you ask us!

13. Blue Glass Faucet

Considering most faucets are some variety of metal, this glass sculpture caught our eye – it’s fashion and function all in one.

14. Sinful Sinks

Here, the sink takes a nasty turn. It’s going to take more than a sink to wash these sins away.

15. Music Lover or Brass Band Hater?

Because this is pure creative genius, this is one of our favorite sets of urinals on the list. Although, truth be told, we can’t decide of it’s a music lover or a saxophone hater that dreamt up these fine bathroom fixtures.


So, what’s your favourite? Or, maybe I should ask, which one would be the deal-breaker for you, no matter how badly you had to go?

Let us know in the comments!




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