15 YouTube Tutorials For Creating Upcycled Home Decor

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Ever wondered how to get extra life out of your old Cosmo magazines, Bath & Body works candles, or even those remaining bottle caps and wine corks from the game last weekend? You’ve heard the expression a million times: one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. But we have nifty, new ideas on turning your own trash into treasure. Of course, if you feel compelled to grab that promising chair from the side of the road, we can help you re-purpose that, too. Not only will these fun upcycling tutorials reduce your carbon footprint, they’ll add a unique spin to your current home decor.

We’ve collected 15 of the most ingenious DIY and upcycling video tutorials for turning everything from old newspapers to plastic bottles into fabulous home decorations. They’re easy, quick, and creative, so all your friends will be asking where you got that amazing statement chair at your next party. So, gather up your old silverware, broken jewelry, empty cereal boxes, and tune in for the most inventive, waste-minimizing interior decorating tutorials on YouTube.

1. Magazine Flowers DIY

Looking for a cute way to decorate your room? Check out this fast and fun project from Alejandra’s Styles to make charming paper flowers from outdated magazines. They last a lot longer than the real ones, too.

2. DIY Candle Jar Organizer

Candles make your home smell delicious, but what do you do with them when you’re done? Try Ann Le‘s method for making unique organizers for your vanity or bathroom. Not only are the organizers practical, they’ll look so pretty sitting on your shelf.

3. Basket from Recycled Newspaper

Don’t throw out those old newspapers! IdunnGoddess gives you step-by-step instructions on creating attractive and useful pieces of home decor with these chic paper baskets. The best part is your repurposing reduces waste, helping the planet in the process.

4. Upcycled Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are pleasing to the eyes and the ears, so Jamie Petitto from Gurl.com shows you how to make this fun project from items you already have around the house. The end result is beautiful, as well as musical.

5. DIY Upcycled Jewelry 3D Home Decor Letters

We all have that pair of earrings where one went missing, or that gorgeous necklace with the broken clasp. Mr. Kate (aka Kate Albrecht) and her hilarious sock puppet help you upcycle buttons, beads, and brooches into 3D home decor letters. Display the finished piece on your mantle, or give it as a great gift.

6. Upcycle Bottles into Wrapped Vases

These pastoral and picturesque wrapped vases will make your friends think you just got back from an exclusive retreat in the countryside. SharonBeMakingStuff has a quick and simple DIY project you can use to upcycle any glass bottle.

7. Treasure Statement Chair

Mr. Kate is back to teach you how to make a bold statement chair for your entryway or living room. All it takes is an old chair, patterned fabric, and some imagination to make a dazzling and stylish piece that will look like you hired an interior designer.

8. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to store your jewelry, this is the video for you. Amber Steffe shows you how to take a wall hanging from drab to fab; leaving you with a nifty way to keep your sunglasses and necklaces all in one place. No more keeping them in Ziploc bags!

9. Upcycled Bird Feeder

As springtime is upon us and the birds are chirping, here is a charming and novel bird feeder that’s perfect for this Spring. Lighten Up gives detailed instructions on how to upcycle a hanging lamp and attract lovely birds to your yard. This unique piece will make a great addition to your patio or garden.

10. Wine Cork Hot Pad

Wine corks are definitely meant to be tossed out, right? Well, now you can put them to good use with help from Cristin Frank on the ehowathomechannel. Frankly, we think this wine cork hot pad is a great reason to invite some friends over and enjoy a glass or two.

11. Fairy Glow Jars

Add some light to your night! These Fairy Glow Jars from thecoolios are fun, easy to make, and last for a long time. Who doesn’t love a gorgeous glow?

12. Bottle Cap Bar Top

Bar Top Epoxy found a great use for bottle caps. This stylish and masculine bar top would be a funky and fun addition to any kitchen or wet bar, with the added benefit of putting your bottle caps to good use.

13. Upcycled Wine Glasses

Thanks to Evette Rios, you can throw a phenomenal dinner party that showcases your green side. Upcycle mismatched wine glasses into a jazzy and hip set for the perfect conversation starter.

14. DIY Magazine Desk Organizer

If you’re anything like us, your desk is piled with papers, magazines, and mail that still needs to be sorted. MissKerryCake shows you how to make an adorable desk organizer from recycled cereal boxes. You’ll feel better, the desk will look better, and you’ll have lots of fun making this clever creation.

15. Green Frog from Plastic Bottle

This funny frog is a great project for the kiddos! Recycle that plastic bottle into a decorative toy with this fast DIY from Recycled Bottles Crafts.

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