2014: Your Year As A Weekend Warrior

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It’s 2014. A new year, new goals, and old to-do lists. It’s time to give yourself a talking-to. It’s time to get ‘er done. If you’re feeling uneasy, we’ve got a little motivation for you.

The “unfinished symphony” syndrome

It’s there, just staring at you. That thing, the thing you’ve been meaning to do for weeks, months… maybe even years.

It’s probably an hour, maybe two of work. Maybe less, maybe more. You’re watching Netflix, you glance over, and there it is. The Unfinished Symphony. Staring at you, staring, staring.

And you know, deep down inside, it’d only take a half-hour to _____________ the ______________ over by the _____________.

But there it is, impossible to really ignore, and every time you mean to relax, you catch a glimpse of it. You sigh a little sigh, shrug in defeat, and just dismiss it as another thing on the endless list of all you’ d do if you were Superman and could fly backwards around the world to create some time for yourself.

And one day, with no warning, it hits you. Like a boss, you scowl and resolve darkly: It’s happening. No more avoiding it. No more excuses. You will master your domain, for you know that, at your core, you are a DIY weekend-warrior.

The weekend: when warriors win

Yes. This Weekend will be your Weekend of Victory. This weekend, Worlds Will Be Conquered.

(Editor’s Note: The secret to success here is you have to use a movie narrator’s voice. Deep, slow, enunciated. A bit of grit and menacing to it. Try it.)

This weekend. Coming to a house near you…

Hammers. Nails. The gripping tale of a weekend of projects. A dark reckoning with a new kind of “vise squad.”

For you love the smell of house-paint in the morning. Charlie don’t paint… But you do. Relentlessly. Confidently. With pretty colors. Yours is a story of DIY victory, of action that keeps rolling and rolling… like you and your paint-roller.

A tale of fulfillment and satisfaction

But this is also a tale of fulfillment and satisfaction, like in the gripping climax when the doorbell rings to reveal a pimply pizza boy holding your Pie of Victory! Beers crack open, laughs are had, pizza devoured. Refueled and ready, nothing will stop our heroes’ march to greatness.

All this plus a soundtrack you won’t believe, and so much more, coming up in The Weekend I Painted Like a Fiend.

(Editor’s Note: This is also just as exciting when trying to get excited about other things, like building a deck, planting a garden, and more. Like I always say, when in doubt, narrate yourself.)

Meanwhile, back at our hero’s house

Doing household projects sometimes happen out of necessity, but the reality is, so much of what we do isn’t really necessary, and I think we know it in the back of our minds. “Hang the artwork? Will it solve world peace? No? Well, Chopped is on and with  eels in their appetizer baskets, the beautification projects will have to wait.”

I find that most of the time “project weekends” happen without planning, more from inspiration and a “Today’s the day!” attitude. Here’s a few things you can do in order to be ready for it when that inspiration sets:

  • When you notice something that needs doing in the house, don’t just mental note it, write it down
  • Keep track of your household projects in a simple note on your smartphone
  • There, write a short description of the project and what you want to do with it
  • Take any necessary measurements right away and record them
  • Itemize anything you might need to buy for the project
  • Refer to this list when you’re next in the kind of DIY stores you’ll need for supplies

Then it’s just a matter of either committing to it or being inspired by finding extra time and a little energy.

Be your own hero

YOU are the weekend hero you’ve been waiting for. You can get this done. What you don’t know, you’ll Google and research. If you need help, you’re not too shy to ask for it.

This is your year. This is the year you have the best home you can have, because you’re gonna finish all these projects. You’re going to finish them, stand back, and enjoy the satisfaction of saying “I did that.”

That is what weekend heroes do. They learn, they do, they conquer. Just like you’re gonna do, because 2014 is your year.

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