2018 Autumn Interior Design Trends

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When designing a home, you want to make sure you’re creating a space that feels inviting. What good is a room if you don’t want to spend time in it? With so many decorating options available, it’s hard to know which ones to select. Paying attention to design trends can help you narrow down your options. Find out some of the autumn trends you should embrace for 2018.

Gold Interiors

When most people think of gold, they conjure up images of luxury, opulence, and glamour. Although gold was a trend for the spring and summer of 2018, gold continues to highlight interiors for the autumn season. Adding accessories is one of the cheapest ways to put a touch of gold to the room. If your space is mostly white, you can select two-toned furniture pieces adorned with gold hardware. Chandeliers are another gold option to use in your entryway.

But why not step it up a bit and use gold in a way other than just as an accessory? Consider pairing gold carpet with some modern furniture. Use gold-covered tiles to cover the wall, and give the space a warm and relaxing feel. Think about combining gold with shades of blue, since they are both complimentary colors. This color also works well with black.

Floral Prints

Using floral prints isn’t necessarily a new trend, as you’ve probably seen them on designer clothing. But now interior designers want to get their hands on these stunning patterns. Whether you decide to put them on your wall, floor, or upholstery, floral prints make a strong statement. These designs can bring a feminine side to a space and make it feel fresh.

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Putting floral prints on wallpaper can suit almost any interior space, while oversize floral prints can add a strong focal point to your room. Go bold and put these prints on bedding, couch cushions, or murals. Keep the rest of the room muted so the floral prints garner all the attention.

Bold Shapes

Autumn Interior Design

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Add more color to your interior with bold and bright shapes. Bring differently sized shapes together, such as stripes and blocks, to unite the entire space. Try to coordinate clean lines with graphic patterns to give the interior a modern feel. You can also match these bold shapes with warm colors to create natural movement.

If you’re uncertain about how to incorporate this trend, start small with accent pillows. If you want something bolder, go for graphic wallpaper. The bedroom is an ideal spot to play around with bold shapes, as you can add a duvet with geometric shapes, throws with bright stripes, and nightstand lamps or vases with stunning designs.

Navy Blue

When it comes to interior paint, expect a shift toward a richer color palette. Pantone highlighted Sailor Blue, which is a type of navy, in the spring of 2018 as one of its classic colors to build upon. Navy continues to make a mark in the fall and is an excellent option if you want a darker color but don’t want to commit to black. This dark shade of blue works well with just about any color. You can also use it as an accent or a neutral color, as it creates a type of intensity and style.

Autumn Interior Design

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Don’t be afraid to use navy blue in accessories, artwork, wall color, or upholstery. Find a room that has natural light, and paint an accent wall. Without the natural light, the navy color may give off a cold and gloomy feel. You could also mix other shades of blue with navy to break up the monotony of one color and make the space more calming. Since navy is a relaxing color, it evokes the feeling of being near the ocean. It also creates a sense of calm, lowering blood pressure and reducing the heart rate.

Colorful Kitchens

For the past several years, white kitchens have become a popular design choice. For autumn 2018, expect to see more color popping up in the heart of the home. You might find cabinets and sinks that show off a bit more color, while bolder color choices might pop up along borders and backsplashes. Painting your cabinets in a dark hue, such as charcoal or sage, can provide not only a bold statement in the center of the home but also hide every stain and blemish. White kitchens simply cannot do that.

There might also be a shift away from stainless or white appliances and sinks to more colorful options, including granite, copper, or concrete. Copper accents are reminiscent of an earthy hue and can enhance your entire kitchen. Rose gold continues to be a strong choice just as it was in 2017. This pink-gold color brings warmth to your appliances or flatware.

Open-Plan Dining

Autumn Interior Design

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After World War II, open-plan ranch houses became popular, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that open-plan dining became a must-have. The idea of having a great space that combined the kitchen, living, and dining areas together instead of having walls to separate them intrigued homeowners. The open area gives the feeling of additional space, thanks to its continuity. By opening up the space, homeowners can socialize more with their guests, especially while preparing food. No one wants to be preparing food alone while others are having fun in the other room.

If you have an open area for dining, you can find ways to create an intimate space. Add warmth with natural materials, such as wood and woven pieces of furniture. Mark off an area of the floor with a rug beneath the table. This sets the seating area off from the rest of the room. Opt for a lightweight rug, so you can remove it and shake out any excess food debris.

Interior design trends ebb and flow from year to year and season to season. Staying on-trend can help you create a space that feels stylish and inviting. And who wouldn’t want that for their own home?


















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