New Year, New Trends Part Two: Home Decor in 2018

update the look in your home

Last week we rang in 2018 with a look at what will be hot in Interior Design this year. The next post in our trend series takes a look at what 2018 has in store for Home Decor. From the hottest colors to interesting accents, if you’re planning to update the look in your home this year, consider including a few of these fresh trends.


update the look in your home

Houseplants and other greenery are popular design trends for 2018. Not only can houseplants add a fun pop of color to an otherwise empty corner of the house, but they also provide additional benefits by pumping out fresh oxygen and helping to purify the air you breathe. If you’re designing on a budget, a few plants in some colorful pots are a simple and affordable way to incorporate this trend into your home. To add some visual interest, consider mixing both hanging plants and floor pots into one space.

Another option that’s becoming more popular is adding an entire plant wall to your home. You can use tropical plants that are better suited for indoor life, or you can consider an herb wall in your kitchen so you’ll always have fresh herbs for cooking.

Earth Tones

A nice complement to houseplants is the earth tone colors that are in demand this season. Shades of green, brown, dark red, orange, and yellow are all in style right now. These soft colors help make rooms feel warmer and cozier. If you’re not interested in simply painting your walls one of these shades, and you’re looking for some unique ways to work this trend into your home decor, consider adding some metal pieces in copper or bronze around the home. You can also tie trends together by using terra-cotta pots for your houseplants.

Wood Accents

To go along with the natural theme, wood accents are also trending in 2018. There are several ways to bring this look into your home. The most obvious way is with some key wood furniture. Add a few wood barstools in the kitchen, a wood coffee table in the living room, or matching wood side tables in the bedroom. For an unexpected look, try installing wood planks on the ceiling. However, you can also go small with these accents by adding hand-carved wood bowls or wood lamps to your home.

Black and White

ANT TILE Square and Triangle Unglazed Corner SKU: 15188858

ANT TILE Square and Triangle Unglazed Corner SKU: 15188858

Along with earth tone colors, the classic combination of black and white is another popular color for 2018. When it comes to bringing this trend into your home, your choices are almost limitless. You can hang a few black and white pictures or prints on your wall, throw some black and white pillows on the couch, add a black and white comforter to your bed, or arrange some black and white accessories on a bookshelf or a side table. If you’re considering a bold statement, you can even lay black and white tile on the floor of your kitchen or bathroom.


Picket House Slipper Chair SKU: 15118324

Picket House Slipper Chair SKU: 15118324

If black and white is too stark for you, brighten it up with some pops of teal, which is one of the other popular colors for 2018. This fresh color looks even more stunning when it’s up against the sharp contrast of black and white.

While you can certainly go all in on this color trend and paint an accent wall in teal, there are other less dramatic ways to enjoy this look. Like the black and white trend, teal pillows and sheets are a simple way to add this color. In the kitchen, consider setting the table with teal plates or adding some teal vases with flowers.

Geometric Patterns

Another decor trend for 2018 that’s easy to incorporate into your home is geometric patterns. These simple and clean lines work great with nearly any existing decor. In the kitchen or bathroom, think about adding backsplash tile in a hexagon pattern. In the living room or dining room, you can choose wallpaper that has a geometric pattern. If you’re not comfortable doing the entire room in one pattern, consider doing half the wall in wallpaper and the other half in traditional wainscoting. You can go simple by adding a few pillows with a geometric pattern.

Upcycled Projects

Upcycling, or turning old and discard materials into something useful, continues to grow in popularity for 2018. Luckily, being creative isn’t a requirement for this trend. You can easily use reclaimed wood to make a lovely accent wall. You can also upcycle an old door into a headboard, for picture frames, or for a porch swing. If you want a unique way to display your dishes in the kitchen, you can use leather straps to hang unfinished wood shelves securely from a shipping pallet on the wall.


Fringe is a hot home trend you’ll start to see everywhere in 2018. It adds interesting style and movement to a variety of places around the house. The easiest way to include this trend in your home is to look for throw pillows or a blanket that has a fringe around the edges you can use in the living room or bedroom.

However, there are plenty of other possibilities. You can add some fringe to an existing piece, such as an ottoman or footstool, to give it a trendy look. You can even look for curtains that have fringe accents to hang in your rooms.

Iridescent Accents

Tiles and Deco Micro Glass Tile Green Blend Iridescent Effect  SKU: 15235058

Tiles and Deco Micro Glass Tile Green Blend Iridescent Effect SKU: 15235058

Iridescent accents are one of the more fun trends for 2018. If you want to add some of this glimmer and shine to your home, there are several ways you can do it. You can go big with iridescent furniture, such as a side table, or you can go small by adding a few iridescent decorative pieces around the house. Consider a clock in the bedroom, a pillow in the living room, and a few vases on the dining table. Another option to think about is doing a backsplash or bathroom wall in iridescent tiles.

When you’re interested in bringing some of the trends we can look forward to in 2018 to your home, start with a few of these top ideas.

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