New Year, New Trends Part One: Interior Design in 2018

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To kick off 2018 we’re bringing you a three part series on home improvement trends we’re confident you’ll see everywhere as this year unfolds. Our first focus for the series is a close look at what 2018 holds for the world of Interior Design.

Designing and decorating a home can be an expensive and daunting task. There are numerous options available when it comes to home décor, whether it involves wall color, pieces of furniture, and accent pieces. Keeping tabs on what’s hot in interior design can help you narrow down your options. Keep reading to learn more about what type of interior design trends to expect in 2018.

Creating a Cozy Spaces


Comfort is a key trend for 2018, so consider creating a reading nook or another small space to relax and unwind. You can use light room dividers and adorn the spot with comfortable seating and quality lighting, so you can enjoy peaceful moments of solitude. Put in some charming and stylish throws and pillows, and your space is ready for you to relax and reflect in.

Painting With a Modern Color Palette

Color is a common theme when thinking about interior design trends for 2018. Experts predict that when it comes to interior paint green and brown shades will pair with blue, white, dark red, deep yellow, black, and soft orange colors. If you’re looking for a warm feel to a room, consider using these earthy room colors. Modern color schemes also complement metal gray found in kitchen appliances. For accent colors, try using dark purplish red and wine colors when decorating.

Decorating Your Space with Comforting Colors

Staying along the lines of a modern color palette, gray is a common color adorning the interior in 2018. In 2017, Sherwin-Williams named Poised Taupe as its color of the year, which resembles a combination of brown and gray. Industry insiders claim that consumers crave deep, comforting colors that help them relax and escape the chaos of their everyday life. Consider using darker hues either on a statement wall, on a ceiling, a staircase, or cabinet doors. Offset the bold colors with many soft pastels and white accent pieces.

Mixing in Metallics

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Another popular option for 2018 is to have metallics anchor a room. You can achieve this by placing coffee tables and dining tables with metallic accents in your house. Most rooms need some sort of pop, and you can choose a larger piece of furniture or metallic accents on pillows or lamps to add that sparkle. Don’t overdo the metallics in the entire space, though. Use metallic décor to complement other objects, such as in an all-metal side table to offset a traditionally upholstered couch.

Embracing Brass

If you’re not keen on metallics or want a break from stainless steel, brass is another popular choice. Brass injects some warmth and shine not found in any other type of material. Accessorize your area with brass and invest in brass lamps, pillows, or framed mirrors. Depending upon your style, you can add brass pieces with a modern, traditional, or vintage look.

Nestling Up to Velvet

One of the go-to upholstery fabrics for 2018 is velvet. Once considered old-fashioned, this fabric is a part of curtains, pillows, or sofas. Since there isn’t a set color palette for velvet, you can find this upholstery fabric in a variety of colors. For instance, you can go bold and purchase a deep blue velvet couch or go for something subtler with a softer gray.

Paring Down

When compared to older generations, the younger generations lean more toward a minimalistic approach. They seek out smaller spaces and value experiences and quality time over more stuff. The entire minimalist experience can feel liberating and beneficial to the mental and physical health. Living minimally can help you realize what is truly important in your life.

Adding Earthy Materials

Get stylish with your décor and add leather to your space. Whether you decide to place leather furniture or other accents, such as wall artwork or shelf holders, leather makes a bold statement for 2018. Along those lines, granite, marble, and pebbles are other popular choices. Natural limestone is a long-lasting material that can highlight a beautiful space. You can also have geometric patterns and carved designs placed in the stone for added visual appeal.

Adorning Your Walls with Texture

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Wallpaper is an easy and quick way to change up a room. Pattern wallpaper or oversized pieces of 3D artwork can give your walls some texture. Opt for abstract patterns or large floral designs to make a statement. Modern digital prints imitate 3D surfaces and can transform the space. The wallpapers can simulate bamboo, wood pieces, and library spaces. Use 3D wallpaper to make the space appear larger and add a focal point.

Use Geometric Patterns

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When designing areas of the house, you can incorporate geometry into your décor. From tiles found on backsplashes to wall art in your living room, you can add geometric patterns to just about any room. You could also focus on a single accent wall or wallpaper your entire wall space. If you’re not as adventurous as that, you can start small with pillows adorned in geometric prints. A popular geometric pattern is the windowpane, and its clean and simple lines are found in ceramics, artwork, and other décor.

Reconnecting with Nature


Since technology is rampant in everyday life, consider stepping back for a bit and reconnecting with the simpler way of life. Woodworking projects can improve your interior space and create a luxurious but cost-effective look. Utilize pieces of nature in your design elements, whether it includes organic materials or other traditional handicrafts. Dining tables, picture frames, and benches make an impact in any space as they combine functionality with a rustic, natural feel. Adding unfinished frames and houseplants work well together and can create an eco-friendly space.

Staying up-to-date on the latest trends can help you obtain the stylish look for your space. Whether it involves painting your space, adding some throws, or revamping an entire room, you can use some of these design trends for 2018 to motivate and inspire you. Keep in mind that interior design is a reflection of your own style and comfort, so use these trends as a guide and inspiration for your own home.


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