2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan

I’ve been going on for some time about why there should be government spending in green building.

Here’s a intriguing plan by Architecture 2030, a U.S.-based non-profit organization that promotes integrated climate change action through the built environment.  It connects a lot of dots in reducing CO2 emissions in the building sector while creating jobs and stimulating the economy in a responsible way. The plan has been presented to the new Obama Administration and it would be worth consideration in Canada as well, where the Harper government is preparing a large deficit budget due January 27.

The 2030 Challenge Stimulus plan promises the U.S. some 8-million new jobs and the creation of a new $1.6-trillion renovation market in just two years.

It calls for large investment in the U.S. building sector ($192-billion over two years) to provide a “housing mortgage interest rate buy-down” and “commercial building accelerated-depreciation program” for buildings that meet energy reduction targets.

The 2030 Challenge Stimulus Plan aims to save consumers $132 billion to $208 billion in energy costs and mortgage payments over a five-year period, significantly reducing the risk of mortgage failure while increasing disposable income.

And there’s a huge reduction in green house gas emissions as well.

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Colin Laughlan