24 Fun Projects For Memorial Day With Kids

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Memorial day projects for kids

Memorial Day weekend is a time of reflection for our fallen soliders, encouraging us to commemorate their heroic efforts, while spending time with family. It’s a weekend to celebrate American freedom and spend time with children. So why not create something beautiful together, while decorating your holiday weekend?

We’ve compiled festive red, white and blue projects for Memorial Day to complete with your kids, ranging from decorations to food. From an American flag cake to an American flag DIY window painting, these projects are ways to spend time with family while celebrating Memorial Day weekend.

1. Patriotic Paper Decor

Patriotic Paper Decor

One or two red, white and blue paper decorations may look cute, but 20 or more pack a punch. Gather patriotic paper party decorations in varying colors, patterns, and sizes for a high-impact look with this project by Armelle Blog.

2. Toothpick Flag Wreath

Toothpick Flag Wreath

Grab yourself a hollow Styrofoam circle, then stick in the flag toothpicks until it looks fluffy. Who knew toothpicks could be so decorative? Thanks to The Picky Apple for this fabulous idea.

3. Snap Crackle and Pop Firecrackers

Snap Crackle and Pop Firecrackers

These wooden firecrackers are a fun treat to add to any Memorial Day party, offering a fun decoration to the backyard. Plus, they’re easy to make with scrap wood, paint and vinyl lettering thanks to The Pike Fam.

4. American Flag Cake

American Flag Cake

Is food a “decoration”? When it looks like this, we sure as heck think so. Excite your tastebuds and dining table with this patriotic cake from Betty Crocker. The kiddos are sure to love it.

5. Wooden Flag Blocks

Wooden Flag Blocks

These wooden flag blocks double as decor and entertainment — they’ll look great on your table and kids will love to play with them. Not to mention this project by Simply Kierste is great to actually build with your children.

6. Painted Lawn Stars

Painted Lawn Stars

Transform your backyard into a field of patriotic stars with this idea by The Concrete Cottage. After a little rain, the paint will fade. But you might as well keep it on the lawn for the 4th of July around the corner.

7. Cookie Flag Platter

Memorial Day Cookie Flag Platter

Much easier than trying to create flag cookies, this platter serves up tasty red, white and blue cookies arranged in the shape of a flag. A tasty idea from The Bear Foot Baker is sure to delight all of your guests.

8. Painted Flag Window

Painted Flag Window

Thanks to U Create Crafts, you can turn an antique window into a painted flag with this patriotic decor project. It’s so simple, yet so festive.

9. DIY Patriotic Pinwheels

DIY Patriotic Pinwheels

Celebrating America’s heroes never goes out of style; similar to pinwheels in the summertime. Fly our nation’s colors this Memorial Day weekend with this classic DIY craft by Some Kind of Lovely Ride.

10. Snap, Crackle, and Pop Cookies

Snap, Crackle, and Pop Cookies

Check out these explosively delicious (and patriotic) cookies for Memorial Day by Cake Spy. But be warned — the Rock Pops used as a topping will snap, crackle and pop right in your mouth.

11. Red White and Blue Rice Candles

Red White and Blue Rice Candles

Putting this patriotic Memorial Day decor together couldn’t be easier with this project by Today’s Creative Blog. Dye rice red and blue with food coloring, then layer the colors around a candle in a jar of your choice.

12. Patriotic Topiary

Patriotic Topiary

Grab yourself a Styrofoam ball and patriotic ribbons to create your very own topiary. Catch your guest’s attention with this eccentric idea from Desperate Craft Wives.

13. Creative Carved Watermelon

Creative Carved Watermelon

Watermelons are a backyard BBQ staple, but this one by Vegetable Fruit Carving takes it to the next level with jicama stars, a red white and blue theme, and even a flag carved into the rind.

14. BBQ Water Balloons

BBQ Water Balloons

Add a bucket of water balloons to your backyard BBQ for a refreshing treat with a nice display. It looks like Celebrations at Home really understands how to celebrate at home.

15. Patriotic Paper Chains

Patriotic Paper Chains

These red and blue paper chains by Bright Bold Beautiful look perfect against a white outdoor railing, but they’d be great strung up anywhere in the backyard.

16. Coke Crate Flower Flag

Coke Crate Flower Flag

Carnations and an old Coke crate come together to create a casual, festive centerpiece from this project by Sweet Something Design. Get your daughter to help pick the perfect flowers for this tabletop decoration.

17. Paint Chip Patriot Banner

Paint Chip Patriot Banner

Cut stars out of paint chips from the hardware store and string them up for this delightful patriot banner by Ali Lily. Who knew you could upcycle paint chips?!

18. Red White and Blue Sangria

Red White and Blue Sangria

These flag-themed drinks by Recipe Girl are tasty and beautiful. Of course, this project is for adults only! Hey, we’ve got to have something to celebrate after working on crafts with our children all day.

19. Gingham Paper Pockets

Gingham Paper Pockets

Serve up silverware (and convenient toothpicks) in these delightful red paper pockets from Daydream in Color.

20. Patriotic Pallet

Patriotic Pallet

A painted patriotic pallet with attached flower buckets makes for a beautiful tablescape backdrop by Anders Ruff. Get experimental and see what type of patriotic decorations you can put into the pallet.

21. Flags in a Jar

Flags in a Jar

Layer JELL-O and fruit to create these super cute flags in a jar from Green Acres Hobby Farm. They look adorable, and taste great too!

22. Mini Gumball Machine Favors

Mini Gumball Machine Favors

Send your guests home with these adorable patriotic gumball machines from The Celebration Shoppe. Although party favors aren’t necessary, it’s always fun to give gifts on a holiday.

23. Wrapped Hot Dogs

Wrapped Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a popular backyard BBQ food, especially on Memorial Day. Make them even more festive with patriotic paper wraps and a bit of twine by Giggles Galore.

24. Flag Painted Mason Jars

Flag Painted Mason Jars

Create a flag motif with mason jars and paint. As a bonus with this project by It All Started with Paint, the jars double as silverware storage. You’ve got to decorate your table somehow with all that delicious, patriotic-themed food… right?

Your Memorial Day ideas?

What ones above stand out for you the most?

Which decor and crafting ideas have you tried?

Tell us about it in the comments section of this post.



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