25 Facebook Pages To Inspire Your Interior Design

Sometimes it can be tough coming up with a really good idea to make your room stand out. Whatever project you are undertaking within your home, you know you want to make it pop, but can be unsure how to accomplish that. Well we’re here to help, with 25 Facebook pages to get your interior design endeavor rolling:

1. Trendir


True to their name, they show the most trendy of interior design inspirations. One must dream big to be able to input some of these ideas into their own home. You can find the page at Trendir.

2. Style at Home

style at home

Here, the most rewarding part of DIY is the effort you put in. Creative designs and bright patterns will have you ready for spring. You can find the page at Style at Home.

3. Inthralld


With Inthralld, you can find decorative schemes with things you likely already have; ways to brighten a space with string lighting, or hideaway bed designs are just a couple of things you can find here. You can find the page at Inthralled.

4. Dering Hall

dering hall

Doors disguised as walls and bespoke hardware? All that and more is made possible here. You can find the page at Dering Hall.

5. Freshome


Offering newsworthy notes on kitchen remodeling or the evolving philosophies of living room decoration, Freshome offers a “freshspin” on interior design. You can find the page at Freshome.

6. Room and Board

room and board

From furniture arrangement to storage space usage, Room and Board encourages you to think outside the grid when considering design schemes. You can find the page at Room and Board.

7. Real Simple

real simple

This online magazine is dedicated to making your life simpler. You can find easy ways to eliminate clutter and to maximize storage space. You can find the page at Real Simple.

8. My Home Ideas

my home ideas

Their “room of the day” postings give fresh takes on contemporary looks for your bathroom or creative uses for your everyday rooms. You can find the page at My Home Ideas.

9. Interior Designs

interior designs

Providing 3D views of interiors they have designed, they put you in the middle of inspiration. You can find the page at Interior Designs.

10. Digs Digs

digs digs

From contemporary to modern, and rustic to futuristic, Digs covers all the bases of interior design. You can find the page at Digs Digs.

11. House Beautiful

house beautiful

Here, you will learn how to update and decorate what you already have. From dressing your desk to updating your cabinets, they make it easy to take your home from good to great. You can find the page at House Beautiful.

12. Get Decorating

get decorating

There’s decoration and furnishing ideas and concepts for every room in your house, and the Get Decorating page has them covered. You can find the page at Get Decorating.

13. The Painted Hive

the painted hive

With a focus on DIY projects of varying degree of difficulty, the Painted Hive has plenty of how-tos on creating your own art or updating light fixtures. You can find the page at The Painted Hive.

14. The Lettered Cottage

the lettered cottage

About interior design and everything in between, the Lettered Cottage encourages you to decorate an entire room, rather than just a part of it. You can find the page at The Lettered Cottage.

15. The Inspired Room

the inspired room

“Inspired” is certainly the correct term here. You can find bold design ideas on this page, such as removing all upper cabinets from your kitchen. You can find the page at The Inspired Room.

16. Apartment Therapy

apartment therapy

We don’t all have large homes with multiple rooms to furnish, and one seems like plenty of work sometimes. Advice on color pairings and how to make an allergy free bedroom can spruce up that small space. You can find the page at Apartment Therapy.

17. Desire to Inspire

desire to inspire

They find the ideas so you don’t have to. Their “stalking” posts, in which they provide photos and floor plans of exquisite homes, are just one of their inspirations. You can find the page at Desire to Inspire.

18. Look 4 Design

look 4 design

Here they are all about the details. From sink fixtures to shoe hangers, they encourage you to look beyond the big picture. You can find the page at Look 4 Design.

19. Remodelista


The experts at Remodelista give solid information and often help you weigh the pros and cons of design projects, such as whether to put an island in your kitchen or what blinds to use. You can find the page at Remodelista.

20. CocoCozy

coco cozy

As is their title, inspiring you to make your home more cozy is their mission. They give ideas to make a small room more comfortable, and encourage you to dream by showing the insides of millions-of-dollars homes. You can find the page at CocoCozy.

21. Adore Your Place

adore your place

These guys have ideas for every room in your house. From bedroom to bathroom, laundry room and even your porch, Adore Your Place leaves no corner behind. You can find the page at Adore Your Place.

22. Goodbye House, Hello Home

goodbye house hello home

Everyone has a place to live, but with posts on organization and designing within your means, there’s plenty here to help you have a home of which to be proud. You can find the page at Goodbye House, Hello Home.

23. Decoist


This page shows you elegant designs from other homes and, by deciding what you like or don’t like, encourages the reader to take the next step. You can find the page at Decoist.

24. Dornob


Shiny and clean-cut, the reader gets to check out the finer things of interior design, such as glass bathtubs and origami rugs. You can find the page at Dornob.

25. Dulux


A good room starts with the paint color. After all, interior design is not only what’s inside the room, but the walls of the rooms themselves. You can find the page at Dulux.

What Page Inspires You?

While these are great pages, by no means are they the only ones. We’re pretty biased, but we think the BuildDirect page is quite good, too. If you have any other suggestions for great pages, write on our wall or let us know in the comments.




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