26 Ways To A Happy New Year From BuildDirect 2015

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Not only do we wish you a Happy New Year 2015, we at BuildDirect have 26 ideas for you to create your happy new year yourself. Here they are! Read them all, and add your own suggestions in the comments section.


New year’s resolutions can work against you sometimes, and have the opposite effect of what you intended; feelings of guilt rather than feelings of being empowered to pursue happiness and fulfillment. So, our suggestion is to kick them to the curb this year. Instead, consider some simple but powerful actions you can take which can serve as roads to new routines and perspectives that can be transformative.  Actions and activities that break the routine are the new hotness. Resolutions are so last year.

And in the spirit of new beginnings this year, here are a selection of activities to to consider for this year in no particular order, if they’re not already on your list. Take a look.

  1. Find a local charity, a national one, and an international one. Build monthly contributions into your budget for this year.
  2. Buy something that makes no sense, but makes you happy. It can be anything. A stuffed animal. A kookie hat. A VHS copy of Army Of Darkness. Anything.
  3. Read a book by an author who comes from a culture that could be considered entirely different from your own. Open yourself up to new kinds of stories, and feed your global mind. And to that point …
  4. Get a passport. You don’t even have to travel outside of the country. But, when you’ve got a passport, it’s a symbol that you’re a global citizen.
  5. Make art. Artistic expression is what we’re made for even if you don’t share it with anyone. Write a poem. Draw a picture. Make a ceramic ash tray just like you did in art class as a kid even if you don’t smoke .
  6. Volunteer in your local community. Read to kids. Visit the elderly. Give away your skills to a worthy local cause.
  7. Get to know at least one new neighbor. Bake a pie and take it to them.
  8. Start a garden. Growing your own food can save you money, sure. But, it’s also good for the soul, even if it’s a small one (the garden, not the soul). It helps you exercise your nurturing instincts.
  9. Tell your parents a story of your childhood. This is especially vital if it’s one that you think they might not have heard. Parents treasure your stories. They are the cake and ice cream of parenthood.
  10. Learn to play a musical instrument or to sing. That includes the kazoo.
  11. Donate books and music to your local library. If you’re not reading and listening to them anymore, then some kid out there in your neighborhood is waiting to be enlightened.
  12. Find a local attraction and go to it. Be a tourist in your own city, and you’ll grow to appreciate it even more.
  13. Start a blog or a journal. Do this even if you keep it private. Write something in it every single day. Writing helps the thinking process and it’s good for the brain.
  14. Take walks for no reason. It’s good for you. Walking  is good exercise and  it also allows your mind to unwind itself as you do it.
  15. Find a class in something at your local community college and take it. Life-long learning; it’s a thing.
  16. Plan deliberate face-time with your friends. Make a list of your friends and then arrange to meet each one for lunch and a face to face chat, just you and them over the course of the year. Keep your smartphone in your pocket the whole time you’re with them.
  17. See a foreign movie. Choose one that was made in a country you’ve never visited, but are curious about.
  18. Plant a tree or a bush. Nurture it and love it, and make sure it’s a native plant that will last a long time after you’ve gone.
  19. Take pictures of small things. The beauty of the world often lies in the finest and keenest details. Taking pictures will help you notice them and invite more beauty into your life.
  20. Take dance lessons with your beloved. Real-time interaction, focus, and touch. It does a relationship good. Cha-cha-cha!
  21. Go to a live music concert by a local artist. Learn the words and sing along.
  22. Cook an exotic meal. This is preferably going to be in a style of cuisine you’ve never tried, but have always wanted to try.
  23. Meet and buy from more local vendors. Find a local butcher, baker, and (if possible) a candlestick maker. Buy their stuff. If it’s good stuff, buy it regularly.
  24. Establish “Random Tuesday”. Take off a selection of Tuesdays through out the year. Take the kids out of school on those days. Go on an educational field trip together as a family – museums, art galleries, afternoon concerts, historical sites, and more. You’ll learn a lot, spend more time with people you love, and put the whole work/school routine into healthy perspective while you’re at it.
  25. Be present. Take time everyday to forget about your worries about  the future and burdens of the past, and be happy in the now in a Dalai Lama style
  26. Express love using your face and your words. Tell people you love them, if you do. Make with the telling and the hugging.

When you really want a happy new year, we hope that all of the above will help.

Happy New Year from everyone here at BuildDirect!

May this year be your year to transform your property, and open a world of possibilities for life at home.



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