29 Unexpected Uses for Kitchen Items

unexpected uses for kitchen utensils

Often with home re-purposing projects, you can barely recognize the original item before it began transformation. Especially when the original item originated from your kitchen drawers.

A lamp made out of whisks. Forks used as hangers. A microwave mailbox. A plate mirror. The list below highlights all of these wild and zany upcycling transformations for you to discover your inner-thrifter. The charm of repurposed kitchen utensils is that they’re unexpected and likely to surprise your guests. Sure, there are definitely exceptions to this rule where things can go too far — we might even have one or two in this list below — but for the most part, you’ll fall in love with the new decor in your home built from miscellaneous objects from your kitchen.

Whether you’re cleaning out your own stash or sifting through thrift store bins of assorted items, have fun trying out our favorite unique uses for kitchen utensils.

1. Whisk Pendant Light

Whisk Pendant Light

This awesome project from Retail Design Blog uses your old whisks, turning them into a fun and retro-looking pendant light. Use a vintage bulb and various sizes to customize it to your own taste and style.

2. Bundt Pan Planter

Bundt Pan Planter

Take advantage of the interesting shape of Bundt Pans by moving yours out of the kitchen and into other parts of your house — such as a planter! Folk Lifestyle takes two painted Bundt pans and stacks them to create a tiered planter that is perfect for displaying small plants.

3. Coffee Maker Fish Bowl

Coffee Maker Fish Bowl

Since the invention of single-cup brewing systems, old coffee makers are on their way out. But don’t fret — you can keep your old brew system to become home to your very own betta fish like the folks at Mosby Building Arts have done. Just don’t plug it in!

4. Colander Hanging Planter

Colander Hanging Planter

Spring is rapidly approaching and you’re going to need a place for all of your perennial beauties. Visit Somewhat Simple for a great hanging planter using a spray-painted colander. If poppies aren’t your cup of tea, try growing cherry tomatoes or even herbs to keep a kitchen-themed garden.

5. Travel-Ready Board Games with Cookie Sheet

Travel-Ready Board Games with Cookie Sheet

Got a road trip coming up but you don’t want to buy activities to keep the kids occupied? Stick some board games onto an old cookie sheet with magnets. Thrive blog came up with a surefire DIY for multiple games on one cookie sheet.

6. Cutting Board Chalkboard

Cutting Board Chalkboard

Camilla Fabbri lives up to her “Family Chic” reputation with this project. Try out her style by taking some chalkboard paint to a cutting board. It’s a fun way to leave notes, and since the surface is a cutting board, it’ll fit right into your kitchen decor.

7. Flatware Chandelier

Flatware Chandelier

An array of flatware, along with a wire basket, is transformed into a unique chandelier in this project from Absolute Bodo. By mixing forks with longer ladles, you’ll get a visually interesting light source that’ll give any room in your home a designer touch.

8. Fork Name Cards

Fork Name Cards

Try this quirky version of a name card holder, courtesy of Pancakes and Glue Guns. These are cute and unexpected, and your guests will love seeing their names propped up by these little guys.

9. Kitchen Chair Dog Food Bowls

Kitchen Chair Dog Food Bowls

If you have a tall dog, he might benefit from a tall surface to eat off. For Love of a Dog shows off kitchen chairs repurposed into dog bowl stands, proven to be perfect for those big dogs who don’t want to bend over to eat. As long as you’re careful not to sit in your dog’s water, you’ll be happy to add
this dog-friendly upcycle to your home.

10. Fork Napkin Ring

Fork Napkin Ring

Vintage forks become napkin rings in this project by Brooklyn Limestone. Incredible detail goes into this upcycle. Just look at the word “Eat” stamped onto the forks! The work pays off, though, and you’ll be proud to add this touch to your dining table.

11. Kitchen Fork Hooks

Kitchen Fork Hooks

Bend and shape forks to make fun hooks for your kitchen wall. Darkroom and Dearly uses these to hang mugs, but try them out to hang dishtowels, aprons or even an oven mitt. You’ll find that these hooks are useful and cute — a perfect combination for your kitchen decor.

12. Ladle Tea Lights

Ladle Tea Lights

Your tea lights find another home on mounted ladles in this picture-perfect upcycle from Homeroad: Repurposed and Reloved. Even if you don’t have a lot of ladles lying around, you have a great shot at finding some discarded ones at your local thrift store, making this a great DIY project for anyone.

13. Microwave Mailbox

Microwave Mailbox

Microwaves come and go. But if your HOA isn’t particular about your mailbox and you’ve got a strange sentimental attachment to your microwave, mount it onto a post and stick a little red flag on it. You can tell your jealous neighbors that it’s from The Letterbox Project.

14. Pie Plate Pedestal

Pie Plate Pedestal

Pie plates come in all sizes and their depth make the perfect pedestal to hold either desserts or decorative fruit like Sweetgirl Expressions does in her blog. They are practical and easy to make for even the most amateur crafter.

15. Pitcher Terrarium

Pitcher Terrarium

Terrariums are all the rage these days (rightfully so, because they make great gifts). All Sorts of Pretty makes the best of a cracked pitcher to house a terrarium you can replicate yourself.

16. Plastic Spoon Mirror

Plastic Spoon Mirror

Say you throw a party and have tons of unused plastic spoons left over. Little Things Bring Smiles gives us the most unexpected project with a gorgeous mirror made out of painted plastic spoons. With results that look straight out of a designer store, you’d be crazy not to give this one a shot yourself.

17. Plate Clock

Plate Clock

Perfectly dainty and stylish to boot, Luri and Wilma will make you want to replace all of the clocks in your home with these repurposed vintage plates. Pick a charming plate, drill a hole in the center, apply a clock kit, and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

18. Plate Mirror

Plate Mirror

The SC Johnson blog enlists blogger Cathe Holden to show off this plate mirror DIY project. Once you have some strong glue and a plate you love, you’re right on track to have one of these for your own.

19. Pot Lid Hanger

Pot Lid Hanger

Hanna’s Charming Recycling blog is full of ideas, but we particularly loved her idea of using pot lids to hold more than just steam. Mount them to the wall to become a new home for your potholders, scissors, pens, pencils and much more.

20. Rolling Pin Towel Rack

Rolling Pin Towel Rack

With this simple DIY project, you can recreate Olive Bites Blog spinning towel rack using an old rolling pin. Add a cute dishtowel and voila! You’ve created a unique talking piece for your kitchen!

21. Saltshaker Pin Cushion

Salt Shaker Pin Cushion

Calling all seamstresses! Todolwen transforms an old saltshaker into a pincushion, saving loose needles from rolling around in your sewing kit. We bet you’re excited to round up pins with these cute little repurposed shakers.

22. Silverware Lampshade

Silverware Lampshade

An eclectic collection of silverware can make an incredible lampshade when you follow Four Corners Design tutorial. Friends and family members will be dying to know where you got it!

23. Silverware Tablecloth Weights

Silverware Table Cloth Weights

Keep your tablecloth in place with Beach House Living‘s tablecloth weights, made from old silverware. This will help keep your picnic in place during a breeze, or even just maintaining the crease when you’re using them indoors.

24. Spoon Drawer Pulls

Spoon Drawer Pulls

Trade in your old drawer handles for cute spoons with this project by Iowa Farmerz Wife. It’s something that admirers of your kitchen won’t expect and definitely something they’ll talk about after their visit.

25. Teacup Bird Feeder

Teacup Bird Feeder

If you have a mismatched set of teacups you’re embarrassed to serve afternoon tea in, you can follow the lead of My So Called Crafty Life to make cute bird feeders. You’ll have the classiest, best-fed birds on the block — guaranteed.

26. Teapot Wind Chime

Teapot Wind Chime

Bored and Crafty uses a teapot and some charms to create unique decor with this project. She threads a string of beads through the teapot’s spout, creating an illusion of a sparkling pour. Use this tutorial to make a fun chime to hang in your kitchen, backyard or any window in the house!

27. Utensil Basket Shower Caddy

Utensil Basket Shower Caddy

Don’t use your dishwasher? Tossing out an old one? Keep the utensil basket to try out Squamish Baby‘s great idea — turning it into a shower caddy. Make it your own by painting it and wrapping the handle in fun colored yarn.

28. Vintage Thermos Vases

Vintage Thermos Vases

Transform an old thermos collection into vases for flowers with this fun project by A Beautiful Mess. Even if the flowers are colorful, they won’t detract from the fun, unique patterns of the thermoses.

29. Vintage Toaster Lamp

Vintage Toaster Lamp

If you’ve discovered a vintage toaster from an antique store, or inherited one from a relative, you don’t have to worry about it collecting dust as a display. Use The Polished Pebble tutorial and make a statement by turning it into a lamp.

 Your ideas?

What ideas have you got going when it comes to re-use of kitchen items? Tell me all about it in the comments section.



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