3 Ideas To Expand Your Linen Storage

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Having issues with too little or messy linen storage? Have a look at these clever ideas to save your sanity.


I’ll be honest: our linen storage closet is kind of a mess. At the top, a big blob of unused linen that we take out only in emergencies. It’s all kind of pushed together with a prayer that it won’t fall the next time we open the door.

Then we have towels, on 2 different levels: one for the “sports” towels and one for the regular towels we use every day. On these same shelves, we also have a giant bundle of pharmacy items we don’t have the space to keep in the bathroom.

Honestly, we could use a little reorganizing for this closet–including ways to move things that don’t belong there. Here are some ideas that can help you too!

1. Add organizers in the closet

The cheapest and most practical way to organize a messy linen closet is to, well… add organizers. Baskets, towel racks, shelf dividers and boxes can help keep everything in place and easily accessible. Even better: label the baskets and boxes so you don’t have to look into the box to know what’s in there. You can easily print stickers from your home printer.

Organized linen closets can also have plenty of style: choose stylish wicker baskets or colorful boxes to add a little fun.

Transitional Closet by Cincinnati Closet Designers and Professional Organizers Organized Living

You can’t underestimate the power of a well-organized closet. Imagine not having to fear for your life as you pull on that fitted sheet and hope that the rest won’t fall on your head!

2. Put a glass cabinet in the bedroom

You can find plenty of older but still beautiful glass-front cabinets in online ads for a lot cheaper than buying them brand new. Relieve some pressure from the linen closet by moving your sheets, blankets and pillows in a cabinet in the bedroom. This is a great way to display your favourite heirloom blankets and quilts, too!

Farmhouse Bedroom by Salem Photographers Tess Fine

I love this idea because it adds so much style to a bedroom. These cabinets come in as many styles as you can think of: minimalist, modern or traditional. You can keep other items too, like books and little decor items, along with your bedroom linen.

3. Get a dresser for the hall

Sometimes hallways don’t even have a closet at the end–what a waste of space! Remedy this problem with a dresser (either stand-alone or built-in) at the end of your wasteful corridor.

Transitional Hall by Los Angeles Interior Designers & Decorators Von Fitz Design

A built-in dresser will require some wall smashing and professional help, but having it made to suit your needs might be worth the price. If you rent or would rather the wall remain where it is, a regular dresser can do just as well. Drawers are great keeping everything in control and in their place. Think about adding some tags on the drawers to identify the items inside.

Other clever ideas

Here are a few more low-cost, high-style ideas to help you keep your linens organized.

  • Paint the closet doors in chalkboard paint and identify the shelves
  • Use cheap bookcases for open shelving instead of paying for dressers or cabinets
  • Install an extendable rod in a kitchen cabinet to hang your unused kitchen linens
  • Add some shelving above the toilet for extra towel space
  • Keep a slim stepladder in the linen closet for those hard-to-reach shelves
  • Maximize closet space with door organizers

Traditional Bathroom by Mooresville Building Supplies Lowe’s Home Improvement

Take back control of your linen

Whether you’re like me and face a mess of linens whenever you open the closet or you’re a little bit more organized, everyone can benefit from a little more thoughtful closet organization.

How’s your linen closet these days? Any of these ideas strike your fancy? Let me know in the comments!

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