3 Teen Girl Bathroom Ideas

When I was asked to design a teen bathroom for two sisters, I admit that I wondered if there was anything more challenging.  Generally, teens are finicky, opinionated, and uninterested in just about every interior design that traditional society sees as attractive.  I was not optimistic.

After talking with the girls, I decided to present them with three different bathroom ideas that incorporated their love of color and their style.  Since they had a hard time choosing one, I am confident that all three ideas are sure teen-pleasers.

Polka dots

Polka dots are great for teen decor, because you can include any color combination desired.  While a collection of bright rainbow polka dots might not appeal to mom or dad, they can be a perfect palette for a teen girl’s bathroom design.  The polka dots can be painted on a plain white bathroom wall and done in varying sizes to provide visual appeal.

If painting circles is not your strength, you can also have vinyl wall clings made.  I had a local vinyl shop cut a variety of different size circles in rainbow colors that I applied to the bathroom walls.  This makes it easy to change styles after the polka dots give way to more adult decor, because you can easily peel the vinyl off.  When the polka dot walls are paired with some colorful towels, a polka dot shower curtain, and a rainbow striped bathmat, you have a room that is perfect for any color loving teen.

Texting mayhem

The teens I was designing for are huge fans of texting and technology.  One of the designs I suggested was based on their love of thumb-speak – a texting themed bathroom.  Atop aqua colored walls, painted white speech bubbles with common texting phrases would reside.

A custom white shower curtain with aqua dots was complimented by equally as custom window curtains of the same design.  Fluffy white towels completed the theme.  If aqua is not your teen’s favorite color, pick one that is and use that as the basis for the bathroom’s color palette.

Marvelously Modern

A contemporary bathroom is a great option to transition from the teenage years to adulthood.  For this project, the modern decor consisted of white tiled floors, cool grey walls, and silver accents.  Everything from the soap dish to the towel rack to the shower curtain hooks can be done in a silver finish.  Depending on the teen’s personal taste, the silver can either be muted or shiny to reflect what they like.  This is a sleek, sophisticated bathroom that can work for any teen who is willing to add a modern touch to her bathroom’s design.

Designing for teens, especially when it comes to designing their bathrooms, is tricky, but it can be done.  The key is to listen to their ideas and thoughts about color and what they want the space to look like.  By working together with them, the odds of creating a design and look they love are greatly improved.  Good luck!


Alyssa Davis writes and designs for Metal-Wall-Art.com and she is happy to share many ideas on creating stylish interiors with violin metal wall art and coffee cup metal wall art.

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