3 Teen Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

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Teenage girls need a safe space to express themselves and grow up into adults. Here are some ideas for three kinds of teen girl bedroom designs.


I remember when I first made decisions about my bedroom as a teenager. As a child, my room was pink, with ballerina pictures hanging on the walls. It was rather… girly. But as I got older and my tastes obviously changed, I wanted something more… me. So my mom took me shopping for new paint colors, a new bedspread and sheets, and some decor items.

Back then I was already developing a taste for Asian-inspired decor and warm colors; I chose a palette of warm yellows with a simple flower-patterned bedspread in the same shades, along with a zen garden and other decor items. It was the perfect room, my room. And until my mother remodelled it for her own mother once she came to live with her, the colors remained the same.

Her own space

For teenagers, bedrooms are really important. This is where they spend most of their time. This is a place where they can express themselves and develop their own tastes and personality. It is their private space, their sanctuary, the one spot where parents and siblings have to knock and ask for permission to enter. No wonder then that the design of such a space is very important.

Is your teenager daughter asking about maybe painting the room over and making decor changes? Here are 3 style directions to discuss with them.

1. For the creative girl

Creative girls like space to express themselves in their favourite medium. Whether it’s a drafting table or a music practice section, a comfortable space to write and read or a painting nook, a creative girl’s bedroom should offer the possibility for practicing her favorite art forms.

Contemporary Bedroom by London Interior Designers & Decorators Clifton Interiors Ltd

I haven’t been short of praise for chalkboard fabric and paint, and I think it’s the perfect medium for the creative girl, especially the girl who likes to draw. But it’s also a great idea for the girl who likes to write, as she can plan out stories and novels on the board and then get to work on her laptop.

Contemporary Kids by Cambridge Architects & Building Designers Annie Hall Interiors

For the musician girl, make sure there is space devoted to her instrument and the accessories she needs to practice. Space for friends when they bring their own instruments is also a bonus, so they can practice together.

2. For the glamorous girl

Teenage girls also start developing their own fashion style, and many of them develop an obsession with clothes and accessories. (I know I did.) The glamorous girl likes to display her fashion choices and design new outfits in the comfort of her bedroom.

Contemporary Bedroom by Longwood Home Builders Victoria Martoccia Custom Construction, Inc

The glamorous girl’s bedroom doesn’t necessarily have to come in pink and candy shades. In fact, she might want to get something more trendy, like today’s interesting green and turquoise matches. Don’t be afraid to let your daughter explore the colors and palettes that attract her.

Transitional Kids by Stamford Interior Designers & Decorators Last Detail Interior Design

The glamorous girl will like her bedroom to be well designed and impressive. This is where you can bring your own decor ideas and experience to support her and invite her to explore new concepts, colors and ideas. She’ll definitely like your advice, especially if her style is close to yours.

3. For the romantic girl

If your girl is more of the romantic type, she’ll want a haven where she can retreat to dream away her evenings and weekends, to read her favorite books and to listen to her favorite music. She’ll want somewhere that’s comfortable and soft, where she can invite her friends and have sleepovers too.

Contemporary Bedroom by London Carpet & Flooring Roger Oates Floors & Fabrics

For a romantic girl, a more subtle, understated design is appropriate. Keep the paint colors simple and let her express herself through her choice of bedding and wall decor. She’ll like to have space to keep books nearby so she can read all night (make sure to get her a good reading lamp!) and to have pictures that remind her of her favourite stories.

Traditional Bedroom by London Architects & Building Designers Dyer Grimes Architecture

Support your romantic daughter by getting her a bedroom that gives her the chance to escape into her stories and daydreams. Give her several areas for sitting or lounging with a book, and, of course, plenty of book and magazine storage space.

A safe space

Teenage girls consider their bedroom a safe space–and she’ll want to express that through her choice of decor. Do not berate or criticize her choices if they don’t appeal to you. After all, she’s the one who gets to spend time in there, not you! Instead, support her in her choices and guide her to build a decor that she will appreciate and be comfortable in for a few years.

What’s been your experience with designing a bedroom for your teenage daughter? Share your stories in the comments!

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