4 Best Furniture Pieces for Small Apartments

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While small apartments may have some perks like a good real estate location or affordable rent, one needs to get creative with furniture pieces to furnish a space that is both functional and comfortable. Sofa beds, corner desks, tall bookshelves, and compact bathroom storage units are just a few of the small apartment furniture pieces that can make the most out of limited space. With some smart choices, you’ll be feeling right at home.

1. Convertible Sofa Beds are the Ideal Space Solution

Convertible sofa beds are a two-for-one space solution. Open it up at night for sleep and close it up for watching TV, reading a novel, or just relaxing with roommates or guests during the day or night. By using just one furniture piece for two functions, you’ll be using the space wisely. You can find these compact furniture pieces in narrow widths that fit nicely up against a wall or in the center of the room. Without a doubt, convertible sofa beds are a no-brainer for small apartments.

2. Tall Dressers and Versatile Book Shelves

In small spaces, taking advantage of height is a smart solution. Narrow dressers with height will give you more space for drawers to store clothing and other personal essentials. You can find tall and versatile bookshelf pieces that will help you save space and offer some hidden compartments for other items. With a wine rack and bookshelf combination furniture piece, you’ll have plenty of space for wine glasses, libations, and some great novels.

3. Making the Best out of a Small Kitchen

When kitchen space is tight, small-space appliances are the ideal solution. Capitalize the small space with a narrow and compact range. If there is no space for a wall oven, a toaster oven is a great alternative. There are even compact microwaves that are possible to mount over an oven. To store refrigerated foods, choose a refrigerator that is narrow and tall. Again, you’ll be using height as a space solution. All of these appliances can also be found in trendy styles like stainless steel and black.

4. More Space with a Storage Bed

If you’ve got a small bedroom apartment, storage beds are a great choice for maximizing the limited space. These beds come in many designs. Some have drawers underneath on both sides to use to store clothes and easily roll out when needed. Others have a mattress that lifts up revealing its storage space. It’s ideal for storing ironing boards, off-season comforters, clothes and boots. You’ll also find that these beds come in many designs, including basic and luxurious upholstered options.

Choose the most practical pieces

Living in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you won’t have enough space for your personal belongings and other essentials. It just means choosing the most practical pieces that both fit the room and maximize the space. Fortunately, there are many furniture pieces on the market just for the small apartment lifestyle. With the perfectly sized pieces, you’ll be living big in a small apartment.


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