4 Cold Weather Plants For A Winter Garden: An Infographic

They say that in winter, growing things are asleep and await the coming of spring. Well, applesauce to that, friends!

There are plenty of species that thrive in the wintertime!  And there are plenty that offer a dash of color to an outdoor living space, too. But, what are some examples of these sturdy and decorative plants to fit in with a winter garden? Well, take a look at this post that talks about plants that do well in colder weather, and even thrive in the “dead” of winter that turns out to be not so dead after all.

Take a look!


So, what’s the takeaway here? Well, I think is definitely one: that the beauty of nature endures no matter what season it happens to be. It simply adapts to new conditions. As a result, that’s a new kind of beauty that is pretty easy to appreciate.

And it also means that you don’t have to abandon your garden when it starts to snow. In fact, with the right species of plant, your garden can take on a new identity as things get colder. It’s just a question of choosing the right ones, and knowing what it takes to help them thrive.

Your thoughts

What species in your local area tend to do well in cold weather?

How do these species help to characterize the landscape?

What colors do they bring out?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!



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