4 Common Fall Pests And How To Kick Them Out For Good

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Scared of spiders? Running from rats? Here are a few easy ways to keep them all away from your home!


You may be excited to welcome fall so you no longer have to worry about shooing mosquitos and bees away every time you go outside – well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but fall comes with its share of bugs – and worse! Here are some of the more troublesome pests typically found in the fall season and what you can do to stop them from taking over your home!

1. Spiders!

For some people even reading the word spider makes them want to jump up onto their chair and scream. So seeing one in their house – well, I’ll try to help prevent that.
There actually aren’t more spiders around in the fall than the summer BUT you may see more of them – fall is mating season for spiders (yikes that means more spiders!) so they move around more in search of mates. Plus they seem to get drawn to heat which is why you will now find more in your sheds, carports – and even your home!

Most spiders are not harmful and they actually eat other bugs so they are useful. If you spot one and don’t have the urge to stomp on it with your shoe it really is best to trap it and release it outside.


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Spiders like to enter your home through cracks and small holes in your walls, especially around entry ways. Spraying a solution of vinegar and water (or peppermint and water if you prefer) around door frames and windows will greatly help to repel them from invading your home.

When I was growing up we kept chestnuts in the corners of our living room to keep the big mean spiders away and it seemed to do the trick. Others swear by walnuts. I have found no scientific research to back up if this really works or not. But it’s easy so it’s worth a try if you really hate spiders!

2. Rodents

OK, we’ll get the other SUPER icky ones out of the way now – mice and rats! Much like spiders, mice and rats seek heat so when the temperature starts dropping – they seek shelter.
Again, filling any cracks, no matter how small, in your doors, windows, or walls will help to keep them out – and help you save on your heat bill as a bonus. Rodents can remarkably squeeze into a hole the size of a nickel so leave no hole unpatched! Don’t forget to do this all over your house – rodents can climb walls and trees to gain access to attics and upper levels.


(image: Edal Anton Lefterov )

Keep your home free of any leftover food – clean up any crumbs in the kitchen and store leftovers fairly promptly. Even dirty dishes should be kept on top of as that is a food source for rodents and if they know they can get food – they’ll be hard to budge.

3. Bugs and mites

You may think bugs are around more in the summer when it’s warm and you’re right – kind of. Bedbugs, stinkbugs, and other similar mites do thrive in the summer – but don’t forget now you’re keeping your home warmer and likely piling more blankets onto your bed, chairs and couches and those little buggers like to nest in there.

To prevent these bugs keep your linens very clean – wash bedding often in very hot water and vacuum furniture and carpets on a regular basis. Also DON’T make your bed! Yup, you heard it from me – while it’s not foolproof, leaving your bedding turned back during the day keeps it cooler – and helps keep the bugs away!


(image: Piotr Naskrecki)

If you have stuffed animals or other smaller blankets and pillows and suspect mites are on them put them in the freezer to kill anything that potentially may be there – but make sure you leave it in there at least a few days because that’s how long it takes to freeze them off.

4. Cockroaches


(image: Toby Hudson)

Cockroaches = yucky! While most bugs are relatively harmless cockroaches can carry many strains of bacteria and literally wreak havoc on your home and health! They tend to be found near pipes and drains so be especially cautious to keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and all cracks sealed.

What’s your pest pet peeve?

Which pests do you battle against in the fall? What are your solutions? Share your stories with us in the comments section below.

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