4 Common Fall Pests: An Infographic

Pests in fall are common, particularly these 4 species. What can you do about them? Well, firstly, you can take a look at this infographic.


The weather is taking a turn for the colder side of things all over North America. And as that becomes more of a thing, we seek the warmth of hearth and home. But, we are often reminded at this time of year that we share our environment with other species that also seek shelter and warmth as fall progresses slowly but surely into winter.

Here are 4 examples of common creepy crawlies that we will confront around the house more and more during the season, presented here in an infographic that is based on a piece we published a few weeks ago. Take a look!

BuildDirect_FallPests_v1 copy

What do pests WANT from us??!

If we’re going to use adversarial language to approach this issue, what is it that our enemies (aka pests) want from us, exactly? Well, the first place to start is understanding that pests are just animals seeking the same things we do; food, shelter, and warmth. It’s all about survival. As such, it’s preventative measures against them joining us on the sofa for Netflix that is the first place to start.

This means making those three things they’re after less accessible to them than what may be the case presently. This way, they seek those things somewhere else. There is no need to take drastic measures against them if they’re not around, right? Everybody wins: rodents, insects, arachnids, and human beings alike.

Seeking professional pest control help

Sometimes, there are underlying reasons that prevent us from keeping the peace between species, and we have to call in the experts. These days, many pest control companies have spent time re-thinking ways to eliminate pests from the home when compared to how things were done in the twentieth century. This includes the use of low-or-no chemical agents, and humane removal practices.

This smarter approach that the pest control industry has developed is in keeping with the idea of simple survival. These animals are not deliberately seeking to sicken or terrify us. They just want to survive. It’s nature. So, seeking out the right pest removal service might include a discussion about preserving nature as much as possible, including the air you breathe in your own home after the pest control professional is finished their work.

Your thoughts

Have you had a pest control issue around this time of year in the past? What happened, and what did you do about it? Tell us your story in the comments section of this post.

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