4 Creative Wall Treatment Ideas

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The walls of your space is your canvas for creativity. Yet, some wall treatment ideas can show off your personality more than others. So, which ones will work for you?

To help to get you started, writer Jay Buckley is here to explain some options for wall treatments that can open up the possibilities for you and your space.


When it comes to decorating your walls, you might think that the only thing you can do, or afford to do is to simply paint them. But the truth is that there are many different wall treatments that are quite affordable and easily doable for a do it yourselfer. So, do not limit yourself or your walls to just paint and read on for great wall treatments that are unique and fashionable.

Apply textured wallpaper

Most people think of wallpaper as flat and boring. The truth is that there are many textured wallpapers available on the market that use texture to mimic other materials.

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This makes textured wallpaper a cost effective way to get great looking designs. Available textures include wood paneling, molded plaster, stone, and brick. Use textured wallpaper to highlight design features rather than to cover large areas for the best effect.

Try custom wallpaper

Many people do not know that they can design their own wallpaper. Custom wallpaper can be created from digital photos and images. If you are struggling to find the perfect wall treatment, want something unique, or just have a very specific vision in mind, custom wallpaper could be the way to go.

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This is a great way to turn your wall into a mural. Creating a mural that covers you entire wall creates the illusion of more space in addition to being a great design feature and conversation piece. Custom wallpaper has the same quality and durability as store bought wallpaper as well.

Use bamboo

Bamboo is a great decorating material because it is inexpensive and great looking. Bamboo is also a renewable resource as well. While it is most often used in wood flooring, it can be used as a wall treatment as well.

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You can get bamboo in many forms, including reeds and panels. Either are good for decorating walls. You can even use bamboo flooring panels as a cheap wall treatment. Some great bamboo wall ideas include finishing between molding sections and chair rails.

Add Fabric

Fabric is a creative wall treatment that many people overlook when researching wall treatments. Fabric is low cost and comes in a variety of designs and textures. You can use anything from a sheer fabric to a thick leather type material.


You can apply it to the wall directly with paint or you can attach it to panels and then attach the panels to the wall. The benefit of using panels is that you can easily change your wall design later. Fabrics can be used for entire walls, accents, along floorboards, and even on the ceiling.

Creative wall treatments to exceed your expectations

So when you are designing your next décor project for your walls, consider some of these creative treatments. And do not just think you need to cover you entire wall with one type of treatment, you can even mix and match these techniques to get a really unique look for your space. Creative use of these techniques, along with sound design guidelines are sure to produce results that will exceed your expectations.


Thanks, Jay!

Jay Buckley is a large format printing expert and online publisher for megaprint.com who writes on the topics of design and printing.

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