4 Exciting Ways to Approach Contemporary Bathroom Design

modern bathroom red accents

Do you have a bathroom that needs a new look? Will you be spending money on a bathroom remodel soon? What kind of designs are you considering? According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), the bathroom design trend for 2014 is contemporary.

Contemporary is all about mixing neutral pieces with bold colors. You will also see a lot of lines, shapes and forms in their most basic form. In the context of contemporary bathroom design, that means a lot of blacks, whites and grays with stripes, rectangles or other forms mixed with bright colors artfully placed in the room. If you approach your bathroom design with contemporary in mind, here are some exciting ideas to include this year:

1. Embrace Gray

Gray ranked high this year and why not? Gray is a great in-between color for white and black in a variety of hues that painters can recommend. Gray paint is one of the cheaper improvements you can make to a bathroom to revitalize it anew. It’s also easy to paint over if needed, so it’s good for staging a bathroom before a sale. There’s plenty of furniture that comes in gray, so you can decorate a bathroom all in gray if needed. It’s also good for matching against other stainless steel fixtures like faucets and sinks.

2. Think about accessibility

With many homeowners intending to grow old in their homes, they want to design accessibility investments in bathrooms to grow with them. Have a toilet that’s comfort height, 17 to 19 inches instead of lower. Homeowners might also install benches or seats in the shower if they want to sit.

There are also comfort height vanities, accessibility bars next to the toilet or in the shower and handheld shower sprayers. By doing this, they are then prepared whether they stay in the home or decide to sell.

3. Update shower lighting fixtures

Shower lighting fixtures are also a popular trend in 2014, both with an eye towards accessibility and safety. Having shower lighting fixtures helps to better illuminate that area and avoid accidents. There’s also a chance to conserve electricity by installing LED bulbs in the ceiling of the shower rather than fluorescents.

4. Consider no-threshold showers

Also a trend this year and geared towards accessibility are no-threshold showers. In the past, walk-in showers had a step below the door people had to step over into the shower. This helped to keep water in and separate the shower from outside. Now, no-threshold showers simply have the door and no step to defend against tripping.

So if you decide to design your bathroom in the 2014 contemporary style, keep an eye out towards accessibility and gray patterns. This is especially true if you plan to sell this year, as it might be a major point to buyers who might consider growing old in your home and don’t want to worry about such renovations.


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