4 Glamorous Decor Ideas

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glamorous decor

Add some glam appeal to your home decor with these tips on colors, textures and styles.



The attractive or appealing quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.

Glamorous is elegant, attractive, eye-catching, but never vulgar or flashy. It’s long satin evening gowns and bow-ties, martinis and champagne. It’s pearl rather than diamond, sheen rather than shine.

Anything can be glamorous, including your decor. And you don’t need to redo everything from basement to attic to add some glam to your home. A few changes with a glamorous touch is all you need. Let’s have a look at some ideas to add elegance and flair to your favourite rooms.

1. Black and gold

Putting gold accents on a black decor gives your room instant glam appeal. Gold’s beautiful and elegant sheen will show off perfectly against black, like a necklace in a velvet box.

Add a gold-framed mirror to a wall. Choose a frame that’s ornamented, but not gaudy. The mirror will open up the space and make it look larger, and the gold frame will attract attention.

Add gold-sequined cushions to your sofa or bed for a feminine touch that’s rich yet subtle. Try a circular shape or a cushion with tassels for extra originality.

black and gold decor interior

Add tiny touches of glam to your kitchen with golden candlesticks or gold shantung (a type of silk fabric) placemats.

Black and gold make a striking kind of glam because they remind you of jewelry on an elegant black dress.

2. Silver and pearl

For those who feel like the contrast between black and gold is too striking, think of the subtlety of silver and pearl. Together, they make an ethereal impression, like something out of a dream. Think about how a woman wearing a silver dress with a string of pearls can get away with dramatic make-up, too.

You can easily add a pearlescent sheen to any room. Think satin fabrics, brushed metals, pearly pottery. Keep the shades neutral–not white, but not quite champagne either. Pearl shades come with hints of blue, yellow and pink, so choose this undertone carefully to suit the rest of your decor.

A satin tablecloth with silver tableware is an elegant classic and will give your home an instant touch of glam when receiving guests.

Think multiple reflecting surfaces: mirrors with multiple facets, light fixtures sending light and shadow across the room, silver-colored doorknobs and drawer handles.

3. Shining color

Want to go full-on glam? Think about pairing black or silver with one bright color. Glam favourites are purple, red and turquoise. Focus on shining, satiny textures and brilliant reflection.

Add a bright pink velvet armchair to your black living room. That’ll attract attention!

Use royal purple drapes and bed cover in a silver-lined bedroom. It’s obvious who the queen of this house is!

Add a shiny turquoise tile to your white or black kitchen–it’ll work with both!

Really, imagination is your only limit when it comes to color and glam.

royal bedroom decor

4. Art and accessories

Glam is also about style and fashion. It’s not a glamorous space until there’s a classic Audrey Hepburn photo on the wall (or maybe Marilyn Monroe, if that’s more your style).

Keep fashion and movie coffee books lying around for an extra touch of style.

Winks to Hollywood in the ’40s and ’50s in the style, colors or accessories of your decor will give you glam cred. Watch your favourite movie from the Golden Age and try to pick out items and styles that attract you. If glam is your goal, this technique can’t go wrong!

Glam it up

Remember, glam isn’t about being all in your face: it’s a subtle attitude. Avoid anything gaudy and vulgar and focus on simple lines, elegant fabrics and textures and the unassuming beauty of the 50s’ beauties.

They knew they were beautiful. They didn’t have to scream it from the rooftop.

What’s your idea of glam? Do you have any glam decor ideas you’d like to share with us?

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