4 Home Improvement Projects To Inspire Change

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If the thought of a remodel makes your head spin, then you probably haven’t considered remodeling projects that can make a positive difference in the way you think about your home . That’s right, there are plenty of DIY household projects that focus on a single area of your home, and are sure to transform your home as a whole for the better.  When you’re looking for areas to help you make a change, here are four cool and convenient remodel ideas that are logical places to start.

Small bathroom revamp

Small bathrooms are an anomaly in most homes because homeowners think they are exempt from the interior design and style the rest of the house has. After all, how many directions can you take with a small bathroom, goes the thinking. But, there is plenty of potential in a small bathroom. Luckily, remodeling your small bathroom is a fairly fast and straightforward process as long as you have a solid game plan.

small guest bathroom

Broad strokes are the way to go in small bathrooms, so you’ll want to concentrate on the wall color, accent pieces, flooring, and fixtures. Off whites and light blues are always great paint colors for the bathroom walls. As for the flooring, if you’re dealing with linoleum, you can pull it up and install fresh tile—a bathroom’s small footprint makes the tiling process quick and affordable.

To finish off the fresh look, you’ll want to add new sink and bathtub fixtures—think brushed aluminum or vintage chrome. Likewise, updated basin sinks look great, especially when they’re next to fun accents like tabletop towel racks and stylish mirrors.

Laundry room facelift

Every homeowner overlooks their laundry room, but a design-inspired laundry room really adds to the appeal of any home. When it comes to laundry room remodeling, functionality comes first, so set your mind on storage solutions. Adding built-in storage cabinets with sections of exposed shelving over your washer and dryer will definitely free up space.

Nicely designed laundry room

To make the room feel bigger, you can also wall paper a dominant wall with a fun, funky, and bright pattern.

Master bedroom makeover

Many homeowners consider their master bedroom the most important room in the house. Luckily, it’s also one of the easiest spaces to remodel. It’s all about wall color and bed accents in the bedroom, so start thinking up a color palette.

modern master bedroom

Go with a wall paint that’s bold, lustrous, and brightens your bedroom. The walls will dictate the bedding, so find something that complements the color. Keep in mind that a white duvet goes with anything. Likewise, if your headboard doesn’t match but you love the design, then don’t be afraid to repaint that too.

Cooking up a new kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen can take weeks and major money, but a few simple changes can make your tired kitchen look fresh and new. If you’re trying to revamp your kitchen in a weekend without spending much dough, then concentrate on the cabinets and the fixtures.

new kitchen wood cabinets wood flooring

Refinishing your cabinet doors with bright colors and installing no slam hinges will give your kitchen a new feel. In addition, replacing the cabinet knobs and installing an updated swan neck faucet will have a huge impact and it takes no time at all.

One inspirational room leads to others

By keeping in mind the inspirational ideas above, transforming one area of the home often helps to transform the whole. Or, it can lead to ideas for other areas that perhaps wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise.

When you think of a room in your home that could use a spruce-up, which one immediately leaps to mind? Tell us about it in the comments section of this post.


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