4 Hosting Ideas For Your Awards Show Watching Party

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When setting up your space for an awards show party, here are 4 winning ideas to help you nominate the winners in your home, indoors and outdoors. 


It’s awards season! Are you excited?

Although I haven’t been a big fan of movies for a couple of years, I recently started going to the theatre again and finding renewed joy in the movie form. Granted, I prefer the longer development possibilities that TV affords, but movies are making an interesting comeback.

And, well… who doesn’t like looking at the fancy dresses and elegant men walking on the red carpet? Even though we can’t be there, we can share a little in the glamor by hosting our own Oscars results party.

Want to do something better than “let’s just sit on the couch and watch”? Here are some ideas for a great party to watch the winners.

1. An outdoors party with a projection screen

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that isn’t covered in snow or drowning in winter rain right now (I’m looking at you, southern California!), you could host an outdoors party with a large projection screen–a little like in the movies!

For a successful outdoors party, all you need is plenty of comfortable seating, some heating if it gets chilly after dark, and space to hold your appies and drinks for the evening.


Kontiki Conversation Sets from BuildDirect; Mojave 6 Piece Sectional

Modern patio sets are not the plastic chairs of your youth: there are now just as comfortable as sofas. And since the outdoors usually doesn’t have TVs, most patio sets are actually built to engage conversation. Debate your winner choices, argue whether a winner deserves it or not, and make your awards show watching party the event of the winter–outdoors!

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2. A no-fuss kitchen party

I recently attended a party in one of the nicest kitchens I’ve ever seen. Plenty of counter space, large island in the middle, a couch in one corner (whoa!) and a great farmhouse-style table to complete the look.

Needless to say the 40-or-so guests hung around the island and the table a lot more than in other rooms of the house.

If you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, you can definitely host a party in there. Get some extra seating in there, lay out plenty of food and wine on the island, bring a TV monitor, and have your party without the hassle of bringing food from room to room.

3. A private fireplace-warmed party


Fire Sense Rectangle Pagoda Patio Fireplace from BuildDirect.

Make your watching party an exclusive, intimate affair around your fireplace. This is especially nice if you are in the throes of winter… brrr!

Bring in some extra wood for the fire, set up some comfortable seating and mulled wine, warm blankets and slippers, and invite your friends to come over in their warmest pajamas for a comfy, comforting evening watching the winners.

Or, you know, you can just keep that evening for yourself… with a tub of ice cream, your favourite bottle of wine and your warmest bathrobe. You don’t have to share…

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4. A glamorous cocktail party

You can’t say “industry awards night” without thinking “glamor”. So pull out all the stops and prepare a super-glamorous party for your friends.

Take out your fine china, your crystal glassware, the disco ball that you haven’t used in years, and request “formal wear” for the evening. See your friends come in their best threads and enjoy a bit of Hollywood style in your house. Play some smooth, chill jazz and have the big event play low in the background. I can guarantee you that the company will be more interesting than the results on the screen.

Arrange your seating in little conversation groups around the area, make sure there are plenty of flat spaces to put down your drink and food, and have a cleaning emergency kit ready, just in case.

What kind of awards show watcher are you?

Do you like to have a big outdoor bash, a casual kitchen get-together, staying home with your family and closest friends, or dress up for a glamorous event? Whichever your preference, you can make this year’s movie awards reveal a fun night to remember.

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