4 Ideas For Fun Halloween Home Decor and Atmosphere

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Halloween decor is a fun way to get into the spirit of a spooky season. Here are 4 home decor approaches for Halloween decorations fun this year.


Throwing a Halloween party is one of the best opportunities to be creative with your party decor. Unless you’re doing a haunted house, you don’t want to outright scare your guests. Get them in the Halloween spirit, however, by making their flesh crawl just a little. The right home decor will bring out the Halloween mood and give your friends goosebumps.

4 Halloween Home Decor Ideas For Inspo

1. House of horrors

Start with your porch, entryway, and front door. If you’re getting into the Halloween spirit by throwing a party, then you’ve probably already carved some jack-o’-lanterns. Make sure they’re lit up and at their creepiest. Strategically place them on your steps or flanking the sides of your door.

Above your door, drape some fake spiderweb by attaching it to the corners and pulling it down. You don’t have to use the whole pack, and you don’t actually want it in the way of people entering. If you want to give people the shivers, add in a few fake spiders. Or consider stringing up some white or orange Christmas-style lights to give your front door a festive air.

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2. Mason jar Jack-O’-Lanterns

Inside the house isn’t as great a place to have real jack-o-lanterns, which is why you should try the mason jar variety. Cover mason jars in orange (or any color, really) tissue paper. You can either cut out jack-o’-lantern faces from black paper and glue them to the tissue paper, or draw them on with black marker.

Make lots of these cute decorations and set them around the room. Light tea candles inside them and dim the lights for a creepy, flickering atmosphere.

3. Spider-infested couch

On your darkest couch or easy chair, drape and tuck fake spider web by pulling and teasing it apart. Tear or cut off any excess and use it to decorate other parts of the house. Then use tiny fake spiders all throughout the web, focusing on the seams and corners of the couch. It’ll look like the couch is infested with spiders, and your guests probably won’t notice until they go to sit down and receive a fright.

For homes without a lot of seating room, adapt this idea to cover the mantle or a bookshelf. You can achieve the same creepy effect by covering other parts of your living room in spider webs and spiders.

4. Creepy sounds

Horror films wouldn’t be nearly as scary without the music. Give your party a great Halloween ambience by playing a soundtrack of scary sounds throughout the evening. You can probably find several playlists on your favorite internet radio station, and if that fails, head to YouTube. Choose from horror movie soundtracks, or simply create a background of creepy sounds, like creaking floors and disembodied laughter.

You can make these decorations for kid parties as well as adult gatherings. They create a great backdrop for photos of people in costumes and will make your house the go-to Halloween extravaganza this year and for years to come if you wish.






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