4 Ideas For Natural Elements In Home Decor

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Want to become one with nature even when you’re inside? Whether you prefer the pine needles and twigs of a mountainside or the sand and shells of a beach, there are plenty of ways to merge your favorite aspects of nature right into your home décor.

Benefits of natural elements in your decor

Beyond catering to your desire for earthy décor, natural decorating has several other benefits as well. Creating your own pieces gives you a great deal of control over your design, and is extremely affordable. Most importantly, decorating with nature is not only eco-friendly, it’s also a fashionable way to connect to the natural world of which you are a part. So go take a hike, and bring back some natural treasures to fill your home with.

Here are four examples.

1. Vases

Vases are an easy way to display anything small and robust, so little bits of nature are no exception. Choose a clear vase that is either rounded or squared, and choose your element of choice. Many choose to fill vases with simple leaves, branches, or rocks.

small vase with mimosa flowers

You may wish to choose fruit or other organic objects that reflect the color pallete of your room. If you can find it in nature, it will bring a natural feel to your décor. Simple flowers also make great natural addition to any room.

2. Wreaths

Popularly reserved for the holiday season, a wreath is a very natural decoration choice with endless possibilities. A wreath made of branches and stems can reserve a place on your wall year-round for an outdoorsy addition, as well as one made of leaves or shells.

willow wreath

image: Karen Kahle

They are fairly easy and inexpensive to make and this tutorial for a willow wreath will help you get started. The best part of making your own wreath is you can choose any size or thickness you’d like, and experiment with many natural objects to find the perfect color combination for your décor.

3. Centerpieces

We’re all so familiar with the common sights in nature that we forget how beautiful each part is on its own. A vibrantly colored leaf or an oddly shaped branch might blend in while out in the wilderness, but mounted on your wall can make a powerful artistic statement.

centerpiece glass book shells pocket watch

Look around on your next outdoor adventure for rocks, shells, or any other piece of nature that could look interesting on your wall, mantle, or as a centerpiece on your dining table. Manzanita branches are a great choice for strange art pieces, and you can find them on eBay.

4. Furniture

While a lovely oak table might be handcrafted and polished to a beautiful perfection, nothing adds to the natural quality of a room like a knotted oak stump. With only a preliminary sanding and possibly staining, you can add a simple tree stump into your home as a piece of furniture in a number of ways.

tree stump table

image: atalou

Whether you use it as a bathroom stool, the base of a lamp, or even use four stumps to serve as legs supporting a glass coffee table, there’s nothing quite as rustic as including the trees into your décor.

Your ideas?

So, what ideas should have been listed here that we missed?

What natural materials, images, textures resonate most for you?

How do you think natural elements in a space help us to connect with positive emotions?

Tell us all about it in the comments section of this post!



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