4 Inexpensive, Easy Ways To Bring Fall Home

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Want to enjoy a cozy fall feeling in your home but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money? Read on for some simple, low-cost, fun fall decorating ideas!


I personally love fall! The cooler temperatures, colorful falling leaves, and all the other sights and smells that come with this wonderful season make me happy. I know there are quite a few of you mourning the end of summer and wanting to hang onto those lazy, beachy days but I also know there are a lot of you out there like me who are ready to embrace fall and want to change up your home to prove that. I’ve found some great inexpensive, easy ways to bring fall into your home.

1. Fabrics and linens in fall colors

Probably the most effective way to switch up your home for fall is with color. Browns, burnt oranges, and forest greens are perfect fall colors and dark reds and deep purples work as well.
Linens are a simple, relatively inexpensive way to add these colors into your décor.

Pillows, or even just pillow covers, and blankets on furniture in living rooms and bedrooms, and towels and curtains in your bathrooms and kitchen are easy to switch up. The best thing is that all of these pieces are simple to store, without taking up too much room, once spring comes around and you likely want to swap everything out for lighter tones.

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2. Leaves and other foliage

Leaves strewn across a mantle, or in a bowl on a table really brings in a festive fall feel. You can purchase very realistic looking fake leaves at most craft stores, or you can use the real leaves found in your yard or park – but you will have to switch these up often because they will become brittle and flake off.

Wreaths made from twigs, leaves, winter berries, fall ribbon and pinecones can be displayed in any room in your home or on your front door to give it an instant fall look.
Even something as simple as some thick twigs or pinecones stacked in a stand up glass vase add a simple yet classy fall touch to any room.

3. Woodpiles

Chopped wood piled into one of those decorative wood baskets displayed beside your fireplace means fireplace season is here! There’s nothing that says cooler weather more than watching and listening to a crackling fire, but even seeing the wood reminds you of those cozy cuddly nights!

4. Pumpkins

Pumpkins! Is there anything that screams fall more than pumpkins?! Not just for Halloween anymore – from the time the pumpkin spice lattes arrive at Starbucks in September right up until Christmas – pumpkins rule the season!

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(image: Hide Obara)

Buy (or grow!) a few small pumpkins, or other squashes or gourds, to place on your tables and mantles or get some larger ones for your front porch. Pumpkin spice candles and room sprays can give off the essence of fall – as can baking a pumpkin pie!

Celebrate fall

These are all easy ways to bring fall into your home. Let your kids or grandkids help you decorate and celebrate the season.

Do you love the fall? What is your favorite season to decorate your home for? Let us know in the comments.

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