4 Living Room Lighting Strategies In The Fall

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As fall progresses, the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and your interior spaces get a little darker. Not to worry! There are plenty of lighting designs that will make your living room feel bright, cozy, and warm on those chilly fall nights. With interior comfort in mind, here are four lighting motifs that are sure to brighten your living room this fall.

1.  Lanterns

If you think lanterns are just for camping and the outdoors, then think again. Adding a few decorative lanterns to your living room is a great way to add some fall style to your interior spaces. Whether hanging or on a tabletop, lanterns will definitely put your lighting in the fall when days are growing shorter.

living room lanterns futon wood floor

There are two ways you can take advantage of lantern lighting: bulbs and candles. Using lanterns as pendant lights will look great and offer plenty of glow. For a more traditional look, putting your favorite fall-scented candle in a lantern will provide adequate light and a charming flicker to your living room.

2.  Interchangeable pendant lights

Pendant lights are an affordable alternative to flush-mount and recessed lighting. In addition, if you install standard-sized pendant light hardware, you can change out the bulb covers to fit the seasons.

pendant lighting ceiling wood

Oranges, yellows, and browns are part of the fall color scheme, so choose your bulb covers accordingly. No matter what season it is, make sure the colors you choose allow enough light to shine through to avoid a dim living room.

3. Lighting sconces

Much like pendant lights, sconce lights are another effective way to light your living room for the fall season. Because sconce lights mount to your wall, you’ll want to choose an open, dominant wall in your living room that isn’t blocked by shelves or tall furniture.

lighting sconces

There are a few pointers to remember with sconce lights. For starters, if you’re installing a sconce in a heavy traffic area, then you’ll want a flush-mount sconce so it doesn’t intrude into the pathway. In addition, if the sconce isn’t centered, then you’ll want two sconces on both sides of the wall to balance the look and the light.

4. Fireplace and candles

There’s never a better time to take advantage of your fireplace than in the fall and winter. Not only does your fireplace scream fall coziness, it’s also an effective source of light for your living room. When it comes to fireplace lighting, there are a number of warm, luminous routes you can take.

fireplace candles

If you’re a traditionalist, then a log fire will do the trick. However, for something a little more stylish as well as warm and inviting, try turning your fireplace into a candle cavern. Arranging candles in descending height rows in your fireplace will give your living room a bright fall feel. Just make sure you put safety first when using an open flame in your fireplace.

Autumn is cozy!

Autumn is the cozy time of year! So even when days are growing shorter, using strategic lighting can help you to retain that sense of the cozy.  When you’re ready to add some light to your living room this fall, keep the lighting options above in mind. Use one of them, or a combination of them through out your home. As things get chillier outside, keep a warm glow happening inside with the right kind of light.


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