4 Living Room Trends for 2016

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new living room white sofa rug coffee table

The 2016 living room is darker, more textured and elegant. See some of the trends for this most important of spaces.


I spend a lot of time in my living room now. Well, my living room is also my office, and more or less where I eat, so I guess it’s kind of normal that I’d spend a lot of time there.

Living rooms grow and change to accommodate people’s lives more than any other room in the house. If you start a new hobby or develop a new interest, it’s likely that it’ll show in your living room, rather than in the kitchen or your bedroom.

So it’s no wonder that a lot of people care more about the trends in the living room and tend to change that decor more often than any other room. Sofas can be re-upholstered, walls re-painted, tables replaced or painted as well, to fit an owner’s moods and changing tastes.

So, if you’re in the market for a new living room look for the New Year, here are some trendy suggestions.

1. Textures galore

If you like to play with textures, this is your year. One big trend for 2016 is layering and mixing up textures to build complex yet comfy spaces with an eclectic touch.

Eclectic Living Room

The textured living room uses fabrics, skins, wood, leather, wicker, jute, knitting and pretty much every texture under the sun to enhance both the visual and touch senses. Textile art is in too: hang macramé or tapestries instead of paintings and reproductions for a surprising effect.

Textures are an easy and cheap way to add interest–and trendiness–because you can simply buy a few accessories instead of changing your entire living room. Try adding something unexpected, like fake fur or a cushion inlaid with mother-of-pearl.

2. Fantastic floors

The trendy focal point for living rooms in 2016 is not the wall, the window or the fireplace. Look down… lower… yes, the floor!

bamboo fiber area rug and wood flooring living room

Yanchi bamboo fiber area rug on wood flooring from BuildDirect.

In 2016, the floor becomes the focus point for your bold colors, your complex patterns, your industrial-style flooring (I’ve stone and brick floors) and your heirloom rugs. Move the visual interest away from the walls and under your feet. Keep your seating understated to balance the visual effect; too much pattern will overwhelm the living room and make you dizzy.

The easiest way to find a focus for your floor is to get something that contrasts with the rest–a bright color in a black and white room, something patterned surrounded by solids, or even two contrasting rugs next to each other.

3. Moody colors

If you were considering repainting in a light color, think again: the trend is with dark, moody colors and dramatic decors.

Asian Living Room by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories COLECCION ALEXANDRA

Black, dark blue, dark teal, royal purple and other dark colors are showing up quite a lot in new living room designs for 2016. Accented by pops of color and good lighting, these are the elegant and dramatic living rooms for the next year.

These living rooms are perfect for those who like to cocoon, to feel comfortable and safe. They are the perfect space to cuddle up and watch a movie with popcorn, or to drink wine with your sweetie in front of the fireplace.

Whenever you play with dark colors on the walls, make sure that the room gets plenty of natural sunlight. Otherwise, you might find yourself dealing with a room that seems to close in on itself.

Speaking of light…

4. Statement fixtures

Forget about the self-effacing, barely-there light fixtures of modern decor. This year, it’s all about lighting making a big statement.

Eclectic Living Room by London Interior Designers & Decorators Godrich Interiors

Now is the time to try that handcrafted driftwood chandelier or those blown-glass hanging lamps. Found a great retro standing lamp that doesn’t quite fit with your decor? No worries, it’s actually a great choice because it’ll stand out.

The more original and sculptural, the better. All those crazy light fixtures you see at the store and dream of using, but refrain because “they don’t really fit”, you can now use them without worry or shame. So go ahead and light it up!

What’s your 2016 living room?

I must say I have a thing for the texture trend. I love how it can change a space without having to spent a lot of money. A throw here, a chair there, something on the wall… It’s a small-budget way to add some trendy features to your living room.

How about you? Which trend would you like to try for 2016? Let us know in the comments!

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