4 Reasons A Healthy Roof is Important

Cashel Clay Roofing - Spanish Tiles

Cashel Clay Roofing – Spanish Tiles, “Burgundy”

The average homeowners give little thought to their roof until there’s an issue, but consistently maintaining the health of the roof can save you thousands over neglecting it and reacting to the issue after it occurs. Waiting until there’s a problem means costly emergency service and possible damage to the home’s interior. Here are a few reasons why a good roof is important.

1. A healthy roof protects your investment in your home

One of the largest investments people make is their home. Performing ongoing maintenance on your roof will help prolong it’s life, and by extension the life of your whole property. Roofs are a fundamental element to your home. It makes sense to see about maintaining it even before a full replacement is required. Because, this is a short cut to protecting your investment in your home all around.

No one wants to replace a roof early because of unforeseen damage. It’s a traditionally quite a costly undertaking, so it’s important to do what you need to extend its life with regular inspections. In some states, like Florida, homeowner’s insurance companies will refuse to extend a policy without an updated roof certificate stating the amount of life left on the roof.

2. A healthy roof increases home value

A roof is also a selling point on a home and increases its value. From beautiful materials such as tile and metal, to an energy-efficient roof, many homebuyers take those extras into account.

Extras aren’t the only thing buyer’s notice. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost cs. Value Report, a new roof increases resale value by $12,000 on average. If you’re planning to sell, this might be one update to make.

Achilles Metal Roofing - Embossed Shingles Collection

Achilles Metal Roofing – Embossed Shingles Collection “Black” / 28 Gauge

3. A healthy roof guards against costly hidden damage

A major leak in your roof will be evident quickly as it will soak through your ceiling and potentially damage your dry wall. But if you’re not performing routine maintenance on your roof, there could be quieter, more insidious damage occurring without your knowledge. A small leak, one that doesn’t enter your living space, could be happening in your attic at this moment.

Dripping water every time it rains, even a small amount, can cause rot damage to beams in your attic. The repair can be quite costly (not to mention unhealthy, if it promotes the growth of molds), if it’s not found and fixed quickly. Preventative maintenance would expose such hazards and remedy them before they became major problems.

4. It Saves Money on Heating and Cooling

Your roof braves the elements. A properly ventilated and insulated roof will also save you money on heating and cooling. The roof releases humidity and heat from your home. Heat and humidity coming from your home can be as damaging as rain from the outside. If the roof vents are not working properly, that heat and humidity become trapped, and they will eat away at the wood rafters in the attic and underpinnings of your roof.

Achilles Metal Roofing - Embossed Shingles Collection Charcoal

Achilles Metal Roofing – Embossed Shingles Collection “Charcoal” / 28 Gauge

Ensuring you have good insulation is key to cooler summer temperatures and warmer winter ones inside your home. You pay a lot to heat and cool your home. Don’t let your money escape out of a poorly insulated roof.

Least thought of, most important

A roof is one of the least thought of components of a home but one of the most important. It protects your investment, adds value to your property, and saves money on heating and cooling costs. If you’re not maintaining it, you’re doing yourself—and your wallet—a disservice.

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