4 Reasons To Finish Your Basement

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Cork flooring in basements – a popular choice for natural warmth underfoot as well as noise and impact absorption for kids’ play areas.

If your basement feels more like an empty cave than a living space, it’s time to revamp the lowest level of your home. Whether you need a cozy entertainment room or an extra bedroom for your holiday guests, your unfinished basement is a blank slate of possibilities. Here are four reasons you should finish your basement and a few tips on how to do just that.

1. Guest room makes for a more welcoming home

Increasing your home’s square footage by finishing your basement not only adds to its resale value, but is also a more affordable option than adding onto a ground floor. An easy way to add some livable space to your humble abode is by turning your empty basement into a spare bedroom for holiday guests and visitors year round.

Turning that cavern into an inviting guest bedroom is a simple process, as long as you concentrate on three important components: walls, floor, and furnishings. Framing out those ugly cement walls in drywall will create a better living environment.

Hardwood flooring always looks great, but is not always recommended for a below-ground installation or over a slab. But, in a basement, a cork floor can serve as a great alternative to timber-based wood flooring that can be floated, and has natural heat insulative properties.  As for furnishings, choosing bedroom furniture and accessories you’d put in your own bedroom will definitely make your guests happy once you’ve set up a guest room in your finished basement.

2. Home gym: keeping in shape without leaving the house

Winter weather can definitely destroy your workout routine, which is all the more reason why you should turn your unfinished basement into a home gym. Since you’ll designate the space as a sweat-heavy workout zone, the transformation is simple.

You can leave the basement walls as they are, but add a little inspirational wall paint in form of reds or mild yellows. In addition, instead of worrying about traditional flooring, go with impact-friendly rubber floor tiles – they’re cheap and easy to install.

3. A home office: choose your own hours

If you’re looking for a spot in your home to set up shop and take care of professional matters, then look no further than the home office possibilities of your basement. That’s right, finishing your basement for office use can give you the peace and quiet you’ve always been looking for.

basement home office

If you’re really looking for a wood flooring surface in a finished basement like this one above, engineered wood floors, laminate, and even modern vinyl plank floors are just the ticket.

A desk, a chair, and your computer will do, but if you really want to make your basement versatile, why not shoot for an office/bedroom suite? In other words, go the desk, chair, and office equipment route, but leave a little room for a day bed or futon for holiday guests or for a nice napping spot.

4. A family entertainment room increases togetherness

Nobody likes watching movies while shivering on the couch. If the cold weather is on its way and your house isn’t winterized, the basement is a toasty-warm alternative to your drafty living room.

A heated basement retains warmth longer, so finish out the walls and flooring, add a plush couch and a flat screen television, and voila! You’ve turned your basement into the ultimate entertainment zone. Your cozy family will be glad you did.

Untapped value

Your unfinished basement is the perfect example of untapped value in your home. But, you can unlock that potential. Use the inspirational tips above to turn your basement into a usable space for the winter or any time of the year.


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