4 Small Basement Remodeling Ideas (Part 1)

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The basement remodel; whether you’re set on creating a wine room, a secret library, or home spa, you’ll never look down on it again with these remodeling ideas.


Ahhhh, basements. The first area of your home to amass an impressive collection of crap, from stray toasters and ratty couches to obsolete electronics. Since basements have a bad rap for being moldy, dank, and dark, their potential is often overlooked, sadly.

But with these remodeling ideas, you’ll see your basement in a whole new light:

1. Wine room

basement wine room

(image: South African Tourism)

A true wine aficionado knows that good wine should be handled, sipped, and stored with care. Whether you favor a fragrant red or a tart Riesling, wine lovers hold a certain reverence for their favorite vino. But there’s no need to frequent fancy chateaus or upscale restaurants to enjoy your preferred varietal.

Luckily, small basements are the perfect place for a wine room to house your prized collection. If you’re looking for a simple upgrade you could simply store wine on a series of stacked shelves. If you’re looking for something more elaborate, you could create a full wine cellar complete with tracking systems, climate control, and ventilation. (Check out this Forbes article for ideas.)

2. Home gym

basement home gym

With the New Year comes new priorities: more exercise, more veggies, less piecaken, and less fun. (Sigh.) Whether you’re a less-than-willing participant or a treadmill champion, if you’re going to work out, why not do it on your own terms? Instead of sweating to saccharine radio hits, fighting Boris for the leg press (and paying exorbitant gym fees, might I add), get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home.

With a basement home gym, you’ll never miss a workout again. (Well, almost never.) For a workout that flies by in no time, add a TV so you can sweat to your favorite show. (Jessica Jones, anyone?) Or you could hum along to the radio while you get your groove on.

3. Mini spa

basement spa

After a long, tiresome day, sometimes a glass of wine and a soak in the tub is just what the doctor ordered. But a bustling household full of distractions doesn’t exactly lend to an evening of quiet solitude and relaxation.

To carve out your little slice of heaven, create your own basement spa retreat. Free of noise and distractions, you’ll recharge your body, mind, and soul in peace. For a truly special escape, add radiant in-floor heating, a lavish soaker tub with all the bells and whistles, and a roaring fireplace to curl up beside.

4. Secret library

basement library

(image: Wicker Paradise)

Being charmed by a good book is a great way to feed your imagination and while away the time. There’s a certain element of magic that happens, page by page, as we begin to see the world through a different lens. Slowly, we escape from the confines of the everyday and slip into a fairy-tale land of enchantment and possibility.

To add an element of allure and mystery to your home, repurpose that old basement into a secret library. Invest in a set of sturdy shelves to house your favorite reads, or add shelves to your staircase. Last, but not least, fashion a cozy reading nook, complete with soft blankets, fluffy pillows, and a place to rest your feet.

What’s your take?

I could go for a secret library or a wine room (or both). Which of these basement remodeling ideas would you try? Tell us in the comments!

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