4 Small Basement Remodeling Ideas (Part 2)

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Your lower floor isn’t just a storage hub for long-forgotten furniture and electronics. Breathe life into your basement with these remodeling ideas.


Your basement has a lot to offer, and it’s about time this forgotten room got the respect it deserves. After all, underneath that cold concrete and dusty exterior lies raw, unbridled potential.

Be gone, dust bunnies and stray boxes. (You’re no longer welcome here.) Whether you have your eyes on a playroom, a private bar, or a home office, you’ll utilize every corner of unused space with these basement remodeling ideas:

1. Home office

basement home office

(image: Nick Keppol)

Whether you work at home every day or just part-time, staying focused is the difference between getting the job done and letting those deadlines slide into next Tuesday. But, alas, the home can be a very distracting place. Cats need nuzzling. Dishes need doing. TV needs watching. All that hustle and bustle? Well, that makes work as challenging as peddling a gearless bike uphill.

When you need to put your nose to the grindstone, look no further than your basement: your quiet, secret lair of solace. Start by adding an ergonomic desk and a few essential office supplies. Personally, I prefer sitting/standing desks. (Check out my previous post for a few ideas.) For optimal light, place your workstation close to a window, if you have one.

2. Basement bar

basement bar

(image: Highmark Builders)

After a long week, sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name…. and they’re always glad you came. (Anyone else watch Cheers, growing up?) But why venture to a local bar for a bit of inebriated fun when you can bring the party to your doorsteps? Your dark, seedy, secluded basement is a perfect place for your own personal home bar.

Start with the basics: your favorite cocktails, a wine fridge, bar stools, bar wear, and comfy seating. If you’re into adult-friendly games, invest in a poker set, a pool table, or a Foosball table.

Add a TV and a sound system for game nights. Now you’re ready to rock the house in style. Remember: after your guests have one too many Tom Collins, they’ll need a comfy place to crash. So ready your couches and guest bedroom!

3. Laundry room

basement laundry room

(image: Maegan Tintari)

With a fancy basement laundry room, you’ll have an excuse to steal away a few minutes for yourself. After you’re done putting on that load of laundry? Pour yourself a glass or two of wine, and just kick your feet up and relax.

If you need a few more minutes of peace and quiet, make sure you’re extra splashy with that wine. Because: more laundry must be done. (Those stubborn wine stains need extra scrubbin’.)

To create your own private basement laundry room, add a snazzy washer and dryer (of course), a few wicker baskets, laundry detergent and dryer sheets, a bench for laundry folding, and a soft chair or couch to relax on between loads. (That last point is key.) Inject your unique personality with wall art that speaks to you.

4. Playroom

basement playroom

(image: Tarah Tamayo)

Back in the good ‘ol days, mud, dirt, and grass stains were a badge of honor. We played hide-and-seek and climbed trees ‘till dark. (Or at least until our moms called us in for dinner.) These days, with high-tech video games and the latest-and-greatest gadgets, kids don’t play like they used to. But that’s all about to change.

To foster a sense of play in your home, build a kid-friendly basement fortress where imaginations and creativity come alive. Furnish your basement playhouse with books, kid-approved games, art supplies, and a craft corner.

To encourage imagination, take away tablets, iPhones, and other creativity-shriveling devices. (To put the brakes on screen time at home, check out my previous post for a few tips.) To make your playroom a truly special place, involve your kids in the design.

Which would you choose?

I’m not sure about you, but I could use a basement bar. Which of these basement remodeling ideas would you try? Be sure to weigh in below!

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