4 Small Bathroom DIY Hacks For Better Use Of Space

Small Bathroom DIY Hacks

Your small bathroom is still a value-add asset to your home. Here are some ways to get better use of your small bathroom with these diy hacks and get more out of it, space-wise.


A small bathroom can feel cramped and dated, and it presents a logistical problem when more than one person needs to use it to get ready in the morning. Your budget might not accommodate a full-scale remodel, but these four clever small bathroom DIY hacks will help you maximize every available inch of bathroom real estate.

4 Small Bathroom DIY Hacks:

1. Work up the wall

Since a small bathroom doesn’t offer much room on the floor, utilize vertical space for storage and decor. Hang a floating shelf over the door or mirror, for example, or install a shallow cabinet over the toilet tank. Use higher shelves for decorations then store the things you use most often in more accessible areas. Combining elements also helps, such as installing a mirrored medicine cabinet.

If you don’t have money in the budget for storage, consider re-purposing something you already own. Hang a basket so the base is against the wall, for example, and fill it with bath towels or toilet paper rolls. This not only creates more storage, but also adds texture to the space.

2. Use pantry organizers in vanity cabinets

small bathroom red portraitBathroom vanities often feature counter-height cabinets with no shelves or other dividers. If a brand new vanity isn’t in the cards, create more storage space with pantry organizers.

They create numerous levels for small items, from nail polish bottles to boxes of bandages. Create your own organizers with a sheet of plywood and a miter saw. Simply make a stand with two short sides and one long side then connect the edges with wood glue. Stain or paint the completed organizers to taste and stack them in the vanity cabinet.

3. Make hooks from old knobs

Find old cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in your garage or snag them for a few cents each at a flea market or yard sale. Mount them to a strip of wood to create instant hangers for the bathroom.

Hooks take up less space than towel rods, especially for a large family. If your knobs don’t match your current taste, give them a fresh coat of paint. Alternatively, use something else you already have at home, such as clothespins or bent silverware.

4. Organize toiletries on a cake stand

Counter space is often at a premium in a small bathroom, which is why it helps to elevate some of your storage solutions. A cake stand offers a beautiful and functional solution; it has a wide top for arranging soaps and other toiletries, but it has a small footprint, so you can store other things beneath it.

Choose a clear glass cake stand to avoid making the countertop look cluttered or busy. The glass also reflects light, which makes the small space appear larger. For maximum storage, consider a two- or three-tiered cake stand instead of a single. Jewelry organizers also work well for this purpose.

Familiar, available items to help manage space

Making the most of a small bathroom doesn’t have to become an exercise in futility. If you’re renting your home or if you’ve got a small budget, use familiar items around the home to give your bathroom more style and storage solutions without taking up more space.

small bathroom diy hacks

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