4 Stylish Small Apartments From Around The World

Barcelona apartment

image: Wickerfurniture on Flickr

There are many amazing cities around the world that people dream about living in. Many achieve this dream, but realize they have to make some sacrifices to live there. This includes living in an apartment that is so small it seems like there is nothing they can do to turn it into a home. Take a look at a few amazing small apartments across the globe that utilize their small spaces in envious ways.

Luxe Left Bank Apartment in Paris

Designer Olivier Gagnere, lives in the 18th century building. The small space was a challenge to the designer, but said he envisioned the apartment like a Rubik’s Cube to place the furniture in a way that did not clutter the small space. He also used some clever design techniques to make the space appear larger and more comfortable.

Gagnere added reflective pieces, such as silver slate tiles in the bathroom, to make it seem much larger. He also removed all doors to open the rooms up and found ways to incorporate natural light into his design scheme.

Original Layout Apartment in Tel-Aviv

Growing steadily the past three years, Tel-Aviv has many apartment residents choosing to renovate their current apartments instead of paying for expensive new ones. This is the case with one current Tel-Aviv resident — she transformed her 431 square foot studio space into a one bedroom apartment with storage, a full kitchen, and room for a queen size bed.

She accomplished this by building a storage cube in the center, therefore creating four zones in a 360 degree radius. As a result, she also made the room feel much larger and more welcoming.

Small and Colorful Apartment in Barcelona

Color is the key to a comfortable feeling in this small Spanish apartment. Adding color to the space is important because of the industrial location of the apartment building. There are tall ceilings with exposed beams and pipes and not a lot of square footage to work with.

The owners decided to take advantage of every corner of the apartment and added color to make the entire space brighter. The owners also used clever space-saving design techniques such as built-in storage, a suspended bed, and a coffee table on wheels.

Combining History and Functionality in Gothenburg

Located in a 17th century building, this Swedish apartment is mainly geared towards students studying at nearby universities. This is apartment is far from dorm-living, however. The owners took the small 417 square foot space and renovated it to match the building’s historical background. There are black electrical outlets, intricate woodwork, and tall windows.

The owners made the living room open and added six tall windows to flood daylight into the light-painted space.

No matter how big or how small

No matter how big or small the space is, there are many clever things you can do to make any apartment feel larger. By taking tips from these designers and apartment-dwellers, you’re sure to find the inspiration you need to get creative with any space in the city of your dreams.

Your thoughts?

What ways have you found that help to add visual splash to a smaller space?

What ways can these principles be applied to a corner, a nook, or a specific zone within a larger space?

What trends for smaller spaces have you noticed in your part of the world?

Tell us about it in the comments section!


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