4 Unusual Home Designs (And What They Can Teach You)

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You see beautiful homes almost everywhere you go, each with their own style and personality. However, some homes stand out, begging for well-earned attention. Here are a few of the most outrageous home designs and how you can incorporate a bit of their style into your own home for a unique look and an amazing feel.

1. Real life Swiss family Robinson

You remember the Swiss Family Robinson right? It’s a story about a shipwrecked family. The family decides to make the most of their time on the island and build the most beautiful and elaborate tree house ever. Well, someone was so inspired by this story that they decided to build one of their own.

In a forest overlooking the beach Ubatuba, lies a popular tourist destination in the south of Brazil. This amazing and outrageous tree house has a modern twist with glass windows, and completed with a pool on the roof. Want to incorporate some tree house accents into your home? Try building an outside lounging area, either up in a tree, or on the ground surrounded by beautiful tropical plants. Trees bring life and light to any living space.

2. Leaf house

Imagine living in a home with no walls. Well, the weather outside is so perfect in Rio de Janeiro that a house in the shape of a leaf doesn’t need walls. By using verandas instead of hallways, the architects let the house be cooled by natural breezes that flow from room to room in the banana leaf-shaped structure. Try opening your doors and windows to get the same summer breeze effect in your own home.

3. Glass house

If you aren’t looking for privacy, a glass house might be the perfect amount of outrageous for you. There are many glass houses all over the world, but one sticks out particularly. You can find it on the Greek Island of Zante, and it’s called “House On Water“.

You can only visit by water travel and it’s built upon seabed with part of its foundation on a floating dock. While you could install more windows into your home, it also might be cheaper to decorate your walls with mirrors and still achieve the look of vast infinity, as if you are out to sea.

4. “Three Ponds”

Three Ponds, an estate in Bridgehampton, N.Y., features a full length eighteen hole golf course, making one of the most expensive homes on the market, and it is selling for $68 million.

While duplicating this home is a little hard to do, you can make your own Three Ponds by creating a mini golf course in your front or back yard. If you don’t have the room for it, just try adding posh touches around your home, like metallic picture frames and lamp bases, to give it a distinguished and established look.

Each home is unique and individual to your tastes. Never be afraid to do something outrageous to your house if it fits your unique style.


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