4 Ways To Feng-Shui After The Holidays

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The holidays are one thing you can always count on coming. They are also one sure thing most people stress about. Imagine a whole holiday month when your stress and worry is cut in half. Nice daydream right? Well now you can make it a reality with four ways to Feng Shui your home for the holidays.

1. Open your Spaces

Open spaces create open minds. Try this simple idea to keep rooms uncluttered. For everything you add in a room, take one thing out.

Take down and safely store the things you display on your mantle, shelves, and tables to replace with holiday knickknacks. Festivity brings great vibes, but clutter radiates bad energy quicker than the Elf on a Shelf brings on chaos.

2. Open your Senses

Aromatherapy can really reduce stress, and it also makes your home inviting to guests. Try cinnamon or pine for a holiday feel. Do you have allergies? That’s okay, you can use subtle scents like chamomile or lavender for a natural aromatherapy session in any room.

Try making your own scent combinations with spices from the grocery store or buy essential oils to display in decorative bowls. You can also purchase holiday home accents like pinecones that are pre-scented, so all you have to do is present them in a noticeable and creative way.

3. Embrace symbolism

There are certain holiday decorations that symbolize the elements and nature. These elements are said to bring great things in the New Year when displayed. Put out a fruit bowl to represent Earth and promote good health in the future. Water is great for the career and is easily showcased on the holidays in decor like snow globes.

Fire such as candles, Menorahs, and even stars will bring fame and fortune. Metal is for creativity and children and can be found in toy decorations or ornaments. Wood symbolizes family and was represented in your Christmas tree, Nativity scene, or Hanukkah bush over the holiday. Think about artwork, accessories, and new surfaces that also carry this symbolism, and can serve you in this new year.

4. Invite warmth

In order to bring energy back into your home during the colder seasons, you need to bring back warmth. You can do this by lighting candles and putting your fireplace to good use. Bright Christmas lights such as gold and red are great for your tree and overall colors should reflect that of fire like purple, magenta, and red. But don’t forget balance, it’s the key to great energy flow. Place decorations in the bagua areas of your home to restore the flow of good energy.

The holidays don’t have to be stressful. By practicing proper Feng Shui, you can restore balance and energy back into your home and enjoy the holidays with friends and family like you should.


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Cate Morgan-Harlow

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