4 Ways To Live Green In 4 US Cities

Living green means taking responsibility to preserve the future of the planet. There are several ways you can live green and protect the environment, even if you live in a big city. Here are ways residents are living green in four big cities.

Living Green in New York

Central Park Green Living New York

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New York provides one of the easiest ways to live green: Public transportation. Most New Yorkers don’t drive their own cars; they take cabs and use the subway. New York also provides a wide variety of green dining destinations, restaurants that serve environmentally conscious foods.

Many of these restaurants use biodegradable products, hydroponics, local and organic foods, and reclaimed and energy-efficient materials. New York is also a host to the GoGreen Conference, which features regionally targeted content and recognized community leaders to foster peer-to-peer learning and collaborative solutions to going green.

Eco-logical living in Chicago

Chicago also provides plenty of public transportation. Between the “L” train and Chicago Water Taxi, getting around the city is a breeze. Many of Chicago’s residencies are also going green by implementing LEED-certified buildings, an ecologically sensitive design blended with luxurious finishes and features.

Even the Chicago Bulls are taking action to make Chicago green with their Go Green Chicago Bull Environmental Program. The program keeps residents updated on how they can live green throughout the year. Chicago’s finest dining is also taking action. The Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition dedicates itself to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources by helping the Chicago food industry reduce its footprint in the environment.

Sustainable lifestyles in LA

Even in the bumper-to-bumper traffic of Los Angeles, citizens can go green. It may be alien to most residents not to own a car, but LA is becoming more environmentally conscious and beginning to use car- and ride-sharing services. The Metro subway is also a great way to get around without a car.

LA is also going green via urban gardening. A new law has been implemented to promote community gardens and small farms that provide fresh flowers and greens to local restaurants. LA is currently building LEED-certified houses in areas where older houses were destroyed for special effects in the movies. These homes are not only environmentally friendly, but can help budget-conscious families as well. LA also has its fair share of certified green restaurants.

Go green in Atlanta

Living green in Atlanta is not a new concept. The city has always continued to grow and learn how to build better and smarter, and has embraced a renewed commitment to eco-consciousness. As new homes are built and older ones are renovated, Atlanta is building with environmentally friendly materials such as solar panels, living roofs, and cisterns.

Government-backed Energy Star programs are being implemented, and communities are combining environmental and recreational buildings, such as adding a green roof to parking garages that can be used as a courtyard. Atlanta is also implementing LEED-certified buildings. The Atlanta Beltline will transform old railroad and underused developed land into an interconnected transportation system.

These four cities have implemented ways residents of big cities can live green. Incorporate some or all of these ideas in your large city to help your community go green.

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