4 Ways To Transform A Spare Closet

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Spare closets can be more useful than just places where clutter collects. Here are 4 alternate uses for closets that will enhance you life at home.


Whether you just bought a home or you live in a spacious apartment, closet space often goes underused and underappreciated. Rather than shoving a bunch of junk into it, there are alternatives that can make a great addition to your home. Make it useful to your lifestyle and show a bit of style, too. Here are a few ideas for what to do with that unused closet.

1. Make it into a bar

If you find yourself being the host of parties or other entertainment, cocktails are an absolute must. Because finding a place for a bar is difficult, especially if you have limited space, try using the closet. Place an old desk in the space or just add some shelving and smaller vanity cabinets on the bottom. Small refrigerators are also possible if you have an APT power source. Now, people won’t need to crowd the kitchen to make themselves a drink.

2. Build a library

Books often take up a lot of space in apartments, and typically the shelf space can be used for something more decorative. With that in mind, the closet is the perfect location for a library. The best way to do it yourself is to remove anything that clutters the area, then paint the interior.

Add lighting for a nice ambiance and to find the book you want. Install shelving that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical. Don’t include extra shelf space, as it will once again become a temptation to add clutter.

Traditional Family Room by Pacific Palisades Interior Designers & Decorators Susan Jay Design

3. Create an imagination station

Kids often create so much clutter that it’s maddening. To avoid such a mess, consider converting their closet into an “Imagination Station”. In this space, they’ll be able to indulge in creativity (and messes), and if you don’t feel like cleaning it right away, simply close the door.

The conversion takes little time. However, if you want to go all out, adding chalkboards or slate is an easy way to allow for creativity (or teaching) without the kids drawing on the walls. Include your child in the decision-making process and you’ll both win. You’ll be free of clutter, and they’ll feel like an adult.

4. The man cave

If you love sports or are just tired of your significant other watching football during “The Bachelorette,” then creating a small man cave out of a larger closet is a no-brainer. Paint the walls with your favorite team colors and adorn with pennants, posters, and memorabilia. Adding a small fridge or cooler into a cubby is useful without adding junk to the room.

The final touch is placing a flat screen TV on the wall. Adjustable or tilting wall mounts aren’t too expensive (anywhere from $20 to $150), and it’s the cornerstone to the ultimate sports room.

From old closet to new room

No matter what you decide to do with your added space, make the room something that you’ll use frequently. Plus, you can do it without spending too much money, time, or effort. Once you’ve decided on an idea, include friends or family and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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