4 Ways To Turn A Small Outdoor Space Into A Sanctuary

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Living in the city is a great experience. You are close to everything and can easily fill your day with walks down the main drag, visits to coffee shops and book stores, and to your local home decor shops and thrift stores too. However, the privilege of city life comes at the cost of other features, such as a large backyard. You can still create your own sanctuary even if you only have a small outdoor space.

1. Incorporate Flowers

Whether you’re trying to turn a balcony or a small yard into the perfect outdoor sanctuary, one of the easiest ways to start is by incorporating flowers. You don’t want to overdo the flowers, and depending on your preferences, potted herbs may be a better option. Either way, get some living greenery in your outdoor area.

balcony spring flowers


This makes it feel more comfortable, colorful, and connected to the natural world even when you’re in an urban environment. Keep in mind that low-maintenance plants that naturally thrive in your specific climate will likely work best with your busy lifestyle. On top of all of this, potted plants are a great option, since you can easily move them around.

2. Maximize furniture potential

When creating an outdoor space that you can enjoy, you need to make sure that you get the right furniture. Outdoor furniture is an important part of your sanctuary. Make sure that you maximize the usefulness of the furniture you choose.

wicker bistro set wall of flowers

For example, a table can include a storage space underneath it. A bench can be used either for sitting, storage, or for an extra space for potted plants. Smaller furniture will help the space feel comfortable, without it feeling cramped. A few chairs, a table, and a sun umbrella is all you need to make your space cool and comfortable.

3. Enhance ambiance

To truly turn your outdoor area into a sanctuary, you need to make sure that it has great ambiance. You want to project calming in a way that doesn’t go over the top. There are a number of ways you can create the perfect ambiance in your outdoor sanctuary.

outdoor string lighting

If you have a small yard, consider adding a small fire pit. A tabletop water fountain is a great way to incorporate water and sound into an otherwise boring area. Add decoration and colors that portray the feelings you want to encourage in your small yard or balcony space. Of course, there’s always creative lighting, like string lighting or fairy lighting that is very applicable to a small space on clear summer nights in the city.

4. Use varied heights

As you’re decorating your small outdoor space, make sure the surfaces in your space are horizontally varied to appeal to the eye. From tables or benches to platforms in the space, make sure that you are creating different heights where decoration can be placed.

Not only will adding layers and levels to your yard give you more space to play with, it will also help the overall look and feel of the space. You can ensure that your space is being used optimally by incorporating a few different level layers.

Personal sanctuary

When you’re dealing with a small outdoor space, it can be difficult to get into the mindset that this can be your own personal sanctuary. However, once you start working in the space to make it your own, you’ll quickly find that it has become a peaceful place that you love.

Your urban yard or balcony?

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