5 Christmas Decorations You Can Make With Your Kids

Creating Christmas crafts for kids, and involving them in the process too, can put the finishing touches on your holiday decorations. Here are some ideas.


Christmas is the most expensive holiday of the year due to gifts, travel, and big meals. When you add decorating to the equation, the costs can begin to spiral out of control. Often times as well, it’s difficult to get time with your family, particularly your kids, as you try to organize your time for the holiday. That’s a bitter irony!

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of homemade options for Christmas crafts for kids that will save you money when decorating this year, and give you some special time with the kids too. Have a look at these five Christmas decorations you can make yourself with your children.

A holiday wreath for your door

Christmas wreathe

(Image: photophnatic)

A wreath is the perfect way to invite guests into your home for the holidays because it is the first thing they see. Take the kids outside to pick some vines, berries, gourds, and anything else you have in your garden to create a traditional Christmas wreath. Of course, you can make a wreath out of practically anything. Try experimenting with fabric, old Christmas ornaments, and even photos.

Table centerpiece

Holiday table centerpiece


Whenever you have friends or family coming over for a party, you’ll want to consider your table setting. Top off your look with a homemade centerpiece. Candles are a great idea because they help set a peaceful mood for holiday meals. Themed table centerpieces are also a great idea. You can make a homemade nativity set, a scene about Santa, or something else that brings out the Christmas spirit. Ask your kids what they think, and collaborate!

Garland for the Christmas Tree

paper garland for Christmas tree

(Image: Jessica Fiess-Hill)

When you’re getting ready to decorate your tree with Christmas crafts for kids, don’t splurge on pre-made tinsel or an expensive garland. These are things you can easily make yourself, along with your kids. For instance, a paper chain looks very festive and your kids can help you make it. A traditional popcorn garland will also bring back Christmas memories and get the whole family in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

popsicle stick christmas ornaments

Image: John Morgan

If you’re already making a paper garland, go ahead and finish the tree off with homemade paper ornaments. Have your kids help out for lots of fun. Simply use your imagination or print out coloring pages and projects from the Internet. Sure, your Christmas tree might not be the most glamorous, but you made memories and had fun with the family while you created it. For the best results, stick to white, red, and green paper to make your Christmas tree more cohesive.

Nativity Set

nativity scene

(image: Sergey Galyonkin)

It’s expensive to buy nativity sets at the store, but you can make them yourself out of polymer clay, paper, or even wood if you have some woodworking skills. Just remember to include all the important figurines like Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, wise men, shepherds, and animals to complete your nativity scene. Of course, you can go the non-traditional route, too! Getting creative can go a long way here. The handmade accents are sure to add a unique touch to your scene that you just can’t find at the store.

Everybody wins

There’s no need to spend a lot of money on Christmas decorations. Instead, looking for ways to save money by creating homemade decorations, as well as involving your children in making Christmas crafts for kids can help you start new traditions for the holidays. They’re more fun and set the mood perfectly for the Christmas season. And you get to connect with your family, which is the whole reason to celebrate the holidays in the first place. Everybody wins!


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