5 Christmas Flowers: Poinsettias And Beyond

Even though it’s winter, it’s still possible to decorate for the holiday season with fresh local flowers and other plants. All it takes is a little knowledge about what flowers grow in your area and how they can thrive in beautiful, natural arrangements. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Christmas Flowers to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

1. Poinsettia Classic

The classic flower of Christmas, the poinsettia flower is native to Mexico, so it’s widely available in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.


In deep reds and pinks with dark green leaves, poinsettia flowers pair well with other bright, southwestern plants like the lush blue of the California Lilac, vibrant New Mexico Poppies, and delicate, two-tone Butterfly Weed in Texas, a member of the Milkweed family. Arrangements like these evoke a certain desert aesthetic while alluding to the holiday season.

2. Northwest Flavor

The Pacific Northwest enjoys mild winters and has a natural theme of flowers that grow with fruits. One wonderful example is the Alpine Strawberry. With unique fruit shaped like both a strawberry and a raspberry, it’s appearance is akin to a Christmas light bulb.


Alpines also flower with dainty, white petals or white and pink swirls in the Variegata variety. These pair well with the evergreen foliage of the Lewisia, which flowers in spring hot pink petals. For something a little more Northwestern, you can look into switching out your evergreen Christmas tree with an iconic local apple tree.

3. International Florida

Florida enjoys favorable year-round conditions for many international plants, which are chosen for their beauty first and foremost. Nothing beats a wildly vibrant base of Alternanthera, also known as Brazilian Red Hots. Their intense purple combines well with the subtle greens of Jewels of Opar and a pop of delicate Mexican Heather.


For a cooler, more wintry presentation, icy purple Persian Shield leaves and light-blue Plumbago flowers make a nice pair. You can even go quirky with decorative purple potato plants.

4. New England Variety

When the icy winter of New England rolls in, it’s nice to reach into the greenhouse for a refreshing reminder of spring. The region is known for its many varieties of pansies, so there are plenty of options for a base color in your holiday arrangements.


The rich red of the  is almost like a miniature poinsettia and it also pairs well with local Coral Bells, which are lit from within by a fiery orange-red hue.

5. Hardy Midwest

With some of the coldest winters in the nation, the Midwest has become the home of some of the toughest flowers in the country. Take, for instance, the Lenten Rose. This gentle-looking white flower with purple flecks is actually hardy enough to bloom in snowy conditions, making it a nice, thematic choice for holiday seasonal arrangements.


They bring elegance to combinations featuring the flamboyant pom-pom of the purple Allium flower and the delicately snowy Panicle Hydrangea.

Get to Know Your Locals – Flowers and Gardeners

Getting to know your local flowers and the people who grow them in your area during the holiday season is a gift you’ll enjoy all year. The extra care and attention it takes to help flowers thrive in the winter will make peak spring and summer gardening seasons a snap.

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