5 Circle-Shaped Accessories To Soften Your Decor

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Circles add positive energy and softness to home decor. Here are 5 circular accessories to add to your home.


Circles have strong meaning in our culture. They are both zero–emptiness, the beginning, possibilities–and infinity–completeness, beyond understanding. They relate to love, community and family, they bind people together, but they can also restrict and keep things out.

We see circles as perfection, unity and harmony. They are a usually feminine shape that we see as soft and comforting. Circles also add energy by enhancing its flow. Think of the circular movements of tai-chi!

In home decor, circles are used to add comfort, energy and natural, flowing movement. Circular shapes look organic and uneven, giving a sense of creativity and “just thrown together-ness”. They oppose the measured and angular, the predictable and the obviously planned.

If your house could use some softness to balance too many angles, you can add circles using one of these 5 types of accessories.

1. Rugs and carpets

Round rugs are not just for the bathroom. Since floors are usually made up of rectangular or square shapes, putting something round on top of them makes a interesting contrast that will never go unnoticed.

Round rugs come in all shapes, colors and sizes, from the traditional grandma’s crocheted rug to today’s designer patterns. An interesting way to use them is to buy several small, cheap round rugs and sew or glue them together to make a mosaic of round rugs for larger spaces.

2. Lamps and lighting

Circular light fixtures are easy to add to any decor. Subtle round shapes or bold circles, the choice is yours.

Lamps and light fixtures naturally grab attention, so it’s a good spot to start your exploration of circular shapes. Use a table lamp with a circular base or a hanging fixture with a circular shade. How about a light rail with bulbs placed around a circle? It would be a great feature in a welcoming dining room.

3. Art and frames

Move away from the traditional regular frame and use round frames instead. Or mix in some circles and ovals with your more angular frames.

If you’re not a fan of framing art and can cut it up (if it’s not valuable on its own, of course), you can cut around your favourite part of a poster or printed piece of art in a circle shape and stick it to your wall. It’s a good change from the typical rectangular poster!

4. Mirrors

Because mirrors reflect light and add plenty of energy to a room, circular mirrors enhance this effect. Circle mirrors add an organic, smooth flow of energy.

white small bathroom round mirror

Break up a long, straight corridor with a round mirror at the end. Soften harsh bathroom angles with a mirror in a pretty circular frame. Add plenty of small, round mirrors in your bedroom for a instant positive and unifying flow of energy.

5. Poufs and foot rests

You’re in luck that the Moroccan poof is currently trendy: it’s the perfect time to add this beautiful and comfortable circular piece to your living room. I personally cannot do anything sitting for long periods of time without putting my feet up, so I love poufs and foot rests.

Get a pouf in a soft textile like wool or fake fur, and you add even more warmth and comfort to what comes from the circular shape of the pouf or foot rest.

It goes round and round

Circles in your home decor have a nice, natural flow of energy that balance too many harsh, masculine angles. If you like your home as a comfortable and warm respite from the constant stress and assault of the outside world, circular shapes will give you that.

Sure, circles take a little more space than angles. If space is an issue for you, try using mirrors or frames on walls.

Do you like the softness of circles or do you prefer modern angles? Have you found a balance in your own home? Let us know about your circular adventures in home decor!

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