5 Coming Home Decor and Design Trends For The New Year

modern living room area rug red

Every year, we get to start fresh with our interior design choices. The outlook for design trends in 2015 is exciting and refreshing, but don’t expect anything too wild. Modern interiors focus on comfort, simplicity, and function. Looking ahead, here are some of the interior decorating trends to expect for 2015.

1. Retro-Modern Fusion

It’s a safe bet that something from the recent past will make a triumphant return in the year to come. Right now, all signs seem to point to the curved lines and soft furniture that characterized the interiors of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Don’t bank on as much plastic or intense colors, though. Anything that feels artificial or loud won’t jibe well with the more organic leanings of our own era. So, dramatic bucket seats, yes, but with calmer colors and more ergonomic construction.

2. Colors by Nature

Natural colors have been trending well for several years, but expect 2015 to embrace the more vibrant side of the palette. Instead of just earth tones and muted, woodsy colors, the coming year will be a time to try out bright hues like grape green, orchid purple, and coal black. Expect these colors to have plenty of breathing room, appearing in solid blocks for maximum contrast in more neutral spaces.

Speaking of neutral, the very definition of the word is evolving. No longer reserved just for white, beige, and gray, expect to see very light pastel tones, coral, and lavender stand in as neutral backing for the more bold foreground colors.

3. Pattern Pop

Mixing well with both the retro ambitions of fusion design and the high-contrast color schemes in the offing, we’ll be seeing a resurgence of bold patterns in 2015’s interiors.

It won’t be limited to classics like paisley or flowers, either. Text patterns, modernist geometric designs, and kaleidoscope-meets-microscope fractals will appear in the new year’s living room accents.

4. Sustainability Continues

It should come as no surprise that environmentally friendly fixtures and features will remain a major element of modern design. Practically speaking, this means upcycled and repurposed materials (glass bottle coffee table, anyone?), energy-efficient kitchen appliances, and natural light over electric fixtures.

Also look forward to interesting industrial lighting designs that incorporate the twisty structure of long-lasting bulbs into their core aesthetic.

5. Openness and Flexibility

The most modern thing about our era is the mobility and flexibility provided by current technology. In a time when tablets are replacing PCs and Wi-Fi has finally disconnected us from wall outlets, it only makes sense to reimagine interiors as flexible spaces rather than rigidly designated for a specific purpose.

Look for functional designs that make the living room part office and part cafe and the bedroom just as easily a gym. This means more openness in the decor and more moveable elements like lightweight furniture and mobile stands instead of desks.

Fresh and unexpected

Of course, the best part of a new year of interior decor trends is waiting for the fresh and unexpected turns. Keep an eye out for pops of creativity in 2015’s interiors.


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